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On my side of the country, it is becoming clear that the summer time is over and the cold winter is here. With the change in weather, it is time to dig out those wool sweaters and winter coats to stay warm. It is also time to give your natural coif some extra TLC. The cold winter air can strip your hair of moisture and leave it brittle and limp. So kiss those wash-n-go’s goodbye and take a look at these tips to help you through the next few bitterly cold winter months.

1. Hot oil treatments– Your hair needs all the moisture it can get in order to stay moisturized throughout the day. One way to ensure long-term results is to get in the habit of once a week hot oil treatments. This is really simple.

Fill a pot with water and bring to a boil. In an applicator bottle, fill it half way with olive oil and the rest of the way with coconut oil. Place the bottle in the hot water and occasionally test the temperature on the back of your hand. While the oil is heating up, separate your into sections if it is past the TWA stage. If you are still rocking a cool TWA, skip this step. Once the oil is warm, drench each section of hair in the oil and make sure you work the oil into your scalp and the hair all the way to the ends. If you are a TWA diva, simply run the tip of the applicator bottle throughout your scalp and work the oil into your hair with your finger tips. Cover your head with a plastic cap and you can sit under a dryer to let the oil penetrate or, if you don’t have a hooded dryer like me, simply take a hot shower with the door close and let the warm air do it’s job. Co-wash your hair as usual.

2. Deep conditioningDeep conditioning once a week is an awesome way to bring your hair back to life. I like to make my deep conditioners because it ensures that I am not using any chemicals and only the good stuff is in my hair. My favorite and go to deep conditioning recipe is avocado and coconut oil and its is completely easy to make. Avocados are packed full of Vitamin A and Vitamin E. It is also known for stimulating hair growth. So, to start, take half to a whole peeled avocado and cut it into squares. Next, measure out 1/4th cup of coconut oil. Combine the ingredients in a blender and make sure it is completely smooth. Bananas are also known for their hair conditioning properties so, for an extra punch, throw a banana in there too. Apply your mixture and let set for about 30 mins to an hour and rinse. Trust me, your curls will be bouncy and your braid outs will look amazing.

3. Say NO to wash-n-go’s- I know, I know. Wash-n-go’s are such an easy go to style and usually, if I am having a bad hair day, I run for my wash-n-go. However, walking outside with wet hair well simple make your hair dry and brittle. So, you might be asking yourself, what do I do if i have a TWA that is too short for a braid or twist out and responds best to wash-n-go’s?! Well, here is my solution. Take a spray bottle and fill it with equal parts olive oil and water. When you wake up in the morning, shake up the bottle a mist your hair with the mixture. While your hair is slightly moist, work in your very best shea butter mixture and you should be good to go and your hair should be barely moist by the time you leave the house.

4. Stay away from humectants (for now)- This is very important if you live in a very dry and cold area during the winter months. During the summer, humectants are your best friend. They keep your hair unbelievable moisturized by pulling in the moisture from the atmosphere around you. However, if the air is dry, they work in reverse. They pull the moisture from your hair and release it into the air. With that being said, steer clear of any hair recipes that call for honey or vegetable glycerin. Or if you do use humectants seal the moisture with a heavy oil or butter such as castor oil or shea butter.

All in all, your winter hair needs moisture, moisture and more moisture. So give it what it needs and it will behave!

What tips do you have for maintaining hair in the winter months?


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  1. …gracias por todos tus consejos,comienzo a probar algunos ya te dire como me va,,,

  2. Is it safe to do leave in conditioners during the winter as well?

  3. Hello my name is Coralia I am having a problem with my nature hair because I keep coloring my hair to cover up my gray but my hair is extremely dry I have try everything I just need to find a hair color without ammonia. Thank for the information about natural hair

  4. Keeping our hair moisturized is crucial – especially in the winter months where the air is so dry.

    Check out my post on moisturizing natural hair:

  5. I need to start doing hot oil treatments but in the mean time I personally cowash and detangle about every 4-5 days and Bantu knot my hair every night using the LOC method (water, coconut oil, shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie) that typically works for me. And before I knot my hair, it is about 80% dry and I use a tshirt to achieve that.

    • If you don’t want to do a hot oil treatment you can always try a pre-poo with coconut oil. It’s great and it’s also quick and easy.

  6. Thank you for sharing your tips! Winter hair care can require a shift in routine because different things need to be taken into consideration. I wrote a post about winter hair care for natural hair, check it out!


  7. I think it’s okay to do wash n gos… just make sure your hair is completely dry before you leave the house.

    • i agree u can do your wash n go routine at night so ur hair will be dry in the morning

    • Wash n gos in my opinion are perfectly fine in this weather!!! Like the others say just make sure it’s dry before you step outside!! I think people really over think this natural hair thing when it comes to natural hair and wearing it in it’s curly state!!! Like really…Your hair is curly so why not wear it like that???

  8. my favorite natural hair style for winter the braid out

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