10 Reasons To Trim Your Ends


Some believe it is unnecessary to trim curly or natural hair. Or you should trim your ends as needed (In most case if you wait until a trim is needed you’re already experiences breakage or damage).  Many hair experts disagree if this.  They will tell you clipping your ends should be  apart of your regular maintenance for natural hair.  It helps your hair stay healthy and stronger.  Below are signs/reasons to trim your ends.

Why Trim Your Curls

1. Ends Are Damaged

2. Hair Lacks Shape and Movement

3. Hair is Breaking

4. Hair is not Growing (that you’ve noticed)

5.  Noticeable Split Ends

6.  Hair is frizzy

7.  Hair Tangles Easily wet or dry

8. Single Strand Knots

9. Hair Lacks Curl Definition

10.  Your Hair Seems Unmanageable or Unruly

For more information on How to Trim Natural Hair.

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  1. How often should your ends be clipped? I rarely straighten my hair but I don’t think I’m clipping my ends as much as I should clip them?

  2. what should i do? my hair has been a mess ever since i relaxed it. it grows slowly. please give me some tips to follow.

  3. I did not trim regularly and boy did i pay for it. Others had me convinced that ends only needed to be trend 1x or 2x per year. I ended up having to trim 2 -2 1/2 inches or bushy/crunchy/split ends. Couldn’t get the comb thru it (or it would break in the process). I will now dust ends as needed :)

  4. My hair is dry and frizzy. I keep chopping off the ends and it never gets to grow. So my hair just stays short. It would be great if I didn’t cut it and let it grow, but since it just gets bushy/frizzy and dry/brittle at the ends, it doesn’t look like that will ever happen.

  5. You do not NEED to trim your ends, you can trim if you’d like to. Trimming your ends does not improve the overall health of your hair it just provides a short term fix to a bigger problem: not protecting or taking care of your ends.


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