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One of the frequently asked questions is about trimming natural hair.  How to and how often should you trim your natural hair?  

There’s a rumor that clipping your ends or trimming your hair is unnecessary.  This is false.  Your hair will seriously suffer from a lack of maintaining your ends.  I can attest to that.  I am so sad to say.  Read more here

Read 10 Reasons To Trim Your Ends

According to Dickey, Creator of Hair Rules & Stylist to celebs such as Alicia Keys, Kelis and Michelle Obama  you should schedule a trim every three to four months.  At this time the hair shaft begins to split naturally.  Regular trims maintain the shape of your style and  remove naturally splitting ends. Hair  grows  about  1/4 to 1/2 inch a month.   If ends are clipped regularly, you will only remove about 1/4 inch or less. Leaving you with noticeable growth and length retention. Caring for your ends properly in between trims by sealing your ends with hair butters or oils can prolong the need for a trim.

Single- Strand Knots are a sign that you need a trim.  

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  1. Chocolate Sunshine says:

    Yes, who is the stylist in Charlotte?

  2. None of this is true of my hair and it’s all too much work! I wash every other day with good old fashioned shampoo – no pre-poo – and detangle with a good old fashioned comb. I don’t trim, or protective style. Finger detangling leaves me with split ends and still tangled. I wash, put some conditioner and gel in my hair and walk away. Less is more in my world. And thank God for that.

  3. Natalie says:

    I went to a salon and requested a trim while my hair was in its natural state….(5 months prior I received a blow out and got my end trimmed) and my hair has been healthy and I do not straighten my hair at all. I do a lot of low maintenance styles…back to the point. I went in for a trim and she cut off about 4 inches of my hair and it was uneven… and I informed her of this and she wasn’t remorseful at all… extremely rude and uninterested in how I felt about her cutting so much of my hair off….. one of the worst experiences of my natural hair journey… feels like I’m starting over its been a month since it happened… :-(

  4. Ann Martin says:

    What is the best colorant for natural hair after the big chop??

  5. Thank you, much needed info!

  6. I may have to disagree that you have to get your hair blown out to get a good trim. If the natural stylist is a really good one, she or he can trim it curly with no problems. I have been natural for 7 years this month (my naturalversary lol) and I have gotten good trims with straight and curly hair. My natural stylist in Charlotte, NC doesn’t even straighten hair at all, but she is the bomb with some scissors. Also, being natural so long I can really just do my own hair, so I usually trim myself on stretched, not straight, hair. There is just no way that i am willing to straighten my hair 3-4 times per year, lol..

  7. I am still wondering if it is really necessary to trim because I have been natural for 3 1/2 yrs now and I have never once trimmed and my hair still continues to grow. I went from very low cut boy short hair to pass my shoulder almost bra strap length. I wash weekly and I also prepoo and do my weekly ayurvedic coditioning regiment and henna once a month. So basically I prepoo with oil for an hr, wash ,condition with my ayurvedic herbs for an hr, then wash it out and then regular condition and then wash it out and then style (whether it be a wash and go or twist it or braid it) So I mean do I really have to trim if my hair is growing?

    • Naturalhairrules says:

      Yes, just because you are seeing growth doesn’t mean your ends are healthy. And even if they are prolonging a proper trim can have devastating effects later down the line like single strand knots and split ends where you will eventually not see growth.

  8. This article did not include the Deva Cut method- which is cutting your hair while it is curly dry. This method is for shape-styling curly/coily hair and I believe is the best method if you always wear your hair in its natural curl pattern state. Article was a bit biased and only elaborated on what is their prefered method (and that’s okay- it’s their site!) :)

  9. This is a very nice site, but I found myself getting very upset at this article. When I let my hair get blowdryed for a trim (and this is professionally at more than one place) I end up with permanent straight pieces (heat damage)-even when the blow dryer is on low and I don’t wear straight hairstyles-I just really have a problem with having to apply direct heat for any reason. And I am wondering how some naturals are able to never use heat on their hair but must somehow be getting their hair trimmed and they are retaining length. The whole matter just upsets me because I want my hair to be nicely trimmed and cut as needed but I absolutely do not want more straight pieces to contend with. Why is it that curly hair cannot be cut dry and curly-I know it is done for the diva curl method (but I don’t know if I can get that here in Phila. and it costs almost $200 just for a cut) but I also know an 80something year old former barber that informed mt that in barbering they cut the hair while curly. I’m not trying to go off or anything I just want to understand and I don’t want straight pieces of heat damage. Please help!!!

    • Naturalhairrules says:

      I understand your frustration unfortunately some people’s hair is just not heat tolerate. I always deep condition my hair with a protein treatment before applying heat to avoid heat damage. Maybe you can get a trim form that barber. I have in the past gotten a trim while my hair was curly. It don’t hurt. You just get a more even trim when your hair is blown out.

  10. I am definitely in need of a trim. I am going to watch it tomorrow, flat iron it and get it trimmed. I’ve been transitioning since April and my hair has grown alot. I want to get a good, healthy trim so I won’t have to big chop.

  11. I would use hair shear for an even trim.

  12. Does it matter if you use clippers instead of scissors for trimming?

  13. I disagree. If you really want to grow your hair really long it doesn’t need trimming. Just take good care of it. Look at Teri’s hair, she hasn’t trimmed it in 10 years & it’s supper healthy & long.

    • naturalhairrules says:

      Keep in mind Teri has a very different hair texture. This is how you determine your hair needs, not solely based on what some else is doing. The suggestion in the post come from individual who have both studied and done hair for years.

  14. Hi, I have to disagree. Twisting your hair to trim is an
    effective way to trim IF all you want to do is get rid of bad ends.
    E.g. if you don’t see alot of splitting or damage then you’d be
    fine. Also, if you have to trim by yourself, this way of trimming
    it the best because you can always see or feel how much you are
    trimming. Just wanted the point out the goods.

    • naturalhairrules says:

      Good points. Dusting should only be done as a last resort. But if you want a good even shape to your hair it is not the best option.

  15. Common sense should over rule all else. This is how i
    started trimming my hair. Wash, condition, blow dry and being that
    i was not that good with siccors i would go to Super Cuts of
    something, Then i found Youtube and tried other methods then went
    to not trimming at all. These two not being good. So i know i am
    going back to wash, condition, blow dry, and some place like super

  16. Great post! I think trimming is necessary as well. If your ends are split and breaking off, you need to let them go. I haven’t seen too many people than can maintain healthy ends without trimming.

    I know it’s time for a trim when the ends of my twists start getting tangled. Trim trim trim!

  17. I am loooong overdue for a trim – last time was probably 6 months ago! Will get it done asap. Very helpful post. Thanks for sharing :)

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