Benefits of Shampooing & Co-Washing Natural Hair Regularly


Since starting my Grow Out Challenge, I have increase the times I wet or hydrate my hair with water. Here are some facts about water and washing natural hair.

  • Your body is primarily made of water water this includes your hair.
  • Water is the best moisturizer for hair and skin.
  • Your hair products should be water based to really moisturize.

Currently, I shampoo, rinse, steam and mist my hair and scalp regularly.  This is the beginning step of moisturizing your hair in layers.  We’ll talk about that in building a moisturizing regimen. In doing this I use coconut oil or shea butter to seal the moisture into my hair and scalp.  Applying from root to ends.

  • Shampoo once a week with a sulfate-free shampoo
  • Rinse hair every two to three days & seal in the moisture with shea butter or coconut oil.  In the winter time, dry hair under a hooded dryer for about 20 mins. Also cover hair with satin scarf in extremely cold climates.
  • Mist hair and scalp with water and vegetable glycerin mixture in spray bottle.  You can purchase vegetable glycerin here.

Read more natural hair do’s and don’ts here.

How often do you wash (shampooing or cowashing) your hair?  Also, does that amount change from summer to winter? Comment below.

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  1. mishelle says:

    I braid my daughters hair in cornrows once a week. I have noticed her scalp gets dry and her hair looks dry. How can I moisturize her hair with cornrows in?

  2. Has anyone use the Wen hair products, is it good for natural hair? I have been wondering, I used it once when I had Locs but not since I’ve cut of my hair.

  3. Kasandra Franklin says:

    My 9 year old daughter has really thick natural hair. If I wash, conditioner, and grease her hair on Sunday, for school on Monday by Tuesday evening her hair is dry the scalp is white and flaky. She also has patches of dried scales continuous through out her head and needs to be rewashed during the week, but I always hold off on that and just oil her hair again. What can I do to keep her hair from flaking so bad through the week? Please help me. my name is Kasandra my email is
    P.S. I currently use the Suave almond + shea butter shampoo with the Suave Moroccan Infusion Conditioner with Organics gro strong triple action grease. What do I need to change?

  4. Also, what type of moisturizer would you suggest for low po and dry scalp

  5. Any suggestions on how often I should wash my hair, factoring in low porosity and dry scalp?


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