The LOC Method [Liquid.Oil.Cream]

The LOC Method Why It Works

The LOC (Liquid Oil Cream) Method moisturizes natural hair in 3 simple step.

Its scientifically one of the best ways to moisturize natural hair when done with the right products and in the right order.

Let’s explore 3 Reasons the LOC method works to moisturize hair and how it works.

What is the Liquid Oil Cream Method or LOC Method

The Liquid Oil Cream Method or L.O.C method is a technique for moisturizing hair. It consist of hydrating the hair with water or a water-based product which is your liquid, sealing in the moisture with oil and then applying a cream product to close the hair cuticle which prevents moisture loss.

Many women with natural hair have found great success with this method. This is completely understandable. It really makes sense.

I was using this method long before I realized there was a name for it. When it comes to getting my hair care information from the internet I always question the science behind it.

There is a lot of misinformation circulating, if you know what I mean. I looked to Audrey Davis-Sivaothy’s book, The Science of Black Hair for clarification on the LOC Method. If you do not have this book, order it now.

Here’s a updated version of how to used the LOC Method after shampooing & conditioning your hair.

Three Reasons the LOC method Works to Moisturize Hair

1. Water = Moisture

When it comes to moisturizing, water is moisture. Its a no brainer that adding water as the liquid to your hair is going to moisturize and hydrate. The issue is retaining that moisture from water. And that’s where the other 2 components of the L.O.C. method comes into play.

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2. Oil Helps the Hair Hold on to Water Molecules

This is where the method loses some people. And for good reason. It’s true that oil and water don’t mix.  And if you aren’t using oils that penetrate the hair its best to use your cream before your oil or LCO Method.

But certain natural oils have the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and bind with the hair internal structure or protein. These oils are coconut, olive, and avocado oil.

They increase the hair’s ability  to hold on to water molecules.  Coconut oil is also polar and saturated oils and proven to help to reduce protein loss during each shampoo. This keeps the hair strong and prevents breakage.

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3. Cream Locks In Moisture

There’s a little controversy as to what is an appropriate cream. Some women consider their conditioner creams, or their styling products. And this is ok. Many of these products do have ingredients that will act as moisture sealants.

But its important that your cream  is moisturizing. Your cream in this instance should seal the hair cuticle or act as a sealant.  I personally use my leave in conditioner as my cream.

But let’s not get caught up on the word cream. Because the best creams when it comes to this method may or may not be creams at all. The purpose of the cream component is to seal or lock in moisture introduced from L & O.

Natural products that seal and coat the hair are ideal. They are more likely to retain moisture but still allow the hair to take in additional moisture in the case of rehydration between shampoos or co-washs.

The best coating oils are Castor, Grapeseed, and Jojoba. They act as sealants. They can also act as emollients that lubricate and fill in gaps along the hair cuticle to prevent moisture loss.

If you have extremely dry hair and/or live in harsh winter climates consider using natural butters like Shea or Mango as your cream for this step. I get the best styling results when I seal my ends with whipped Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Gel. But I usually only reserve Whipped Shea Butter for the winter months.

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Do You Use The Loc Method? What Products Do You Use?

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  1. Hi. I am very confused. I’ve read all about the LOC method. I am confused as to whether or not I need to use leave in conditioner. I have Giovanni direct leave in, avocado / coconut oil, and shea butter. Do I use the Giovanni as my liquid, avocado / coconut oil and my oil, then seal with shea? Or do I just use water as my liquid, coconut / avocado as my oil, and seal with shea? OR, do I use water as my liquid, coconut / avocado as my oil, then seal with Giovanni? Should I skip the Giovanni altogether? I read on here that in order to retain length and grow hair, that I shouldn’t skip the leave in conditioner. I am very confused. I have high porosity hair, damaged, dry. I am just learning how to care for my hair properly by reading on this site. Thank you so much for your replies.

    • I use my leave in after I co wash and then the LOC method throughout the week. Honestly, it might take you trying it in different steps to see how your hair reacts. The key thing is not to stress and not to think about it too much. It’s trial and error sometimes and that’s okay. You’ll come up with your own regimen soon enough! Good luck!

  2. Ramona Askew says:

    Can I just say that I am so excited to finally see someone wearing my hair as shown in the photo at the beginning of this article. Same length, same texture, same density and even same hair cut!

    I have been natural since 2012. It is a challenge I must say, but I am finally learning a lot about black hair and also slowing figuring out how to manage my big bushy coif.

    I have never heard of the LOC method and after reading the article, I discovered that I have been doing a slight variation to the LOC method; L O and eliminated the C. I did this because the C never seemed to penetrate though my hair, it would just sit on top. creams such as Shea butter soufflé does not seem to work for my hair.

    I only use Olive Oil, Black Castor Oil, Coconut Oil and Eco Olive Oil Gel. The L-my damp hair after co-washing it, the O-one or 2 of the oils I previously mentioned, then I guess I use the Gel as the C. Once my hair fully dries, its look just like the lady’s hair in the photo above. I am trying to get more definition, and have been very unsuccessful.

  3. For some reason, I can’t see all of this article, the text keeps hiding? Are you utilising XHTML?

  4. Queen2Cent says:

    I tried the LOC method today. Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner – EVOO – Raw Shea Butter, and I am loving the way my hair feels. It feels silky-smooth, but curly. I have it in 7 Afro-puffs, I plan on doing something to it later, but I’m loving the feel. I just ordered more raw Shea Butter (32 oz), and I am going to make the Whipped Shea Butter and aloe gel.

  5. Hey! I LUV NHR!!!
    Can you give some info on sesame, almond, and apricot oils? Are they best used in the O or the C part of the LOC method?

  6. Jocelyn Kinchelow says:

    I currently use water, then moisturizer, then an oil or butter. Is that incorrect? The back of my hair is the driest so if switching the order in which I apply my products would help I’m in.

  7. Hello,

    I use this method since a month now and indeed, it is the perfect method to moisturize your hair ! My hair is so soft and moisturized since i’m doing this method.
    My only concern is what’s the frequency to use this method ?
    Is it everyday, every 2 days, 3 times/week, less ?

  8. I currently use water + glycerin as my L, Olive Oil as my O and my Shea Butter mixture as my C, but before I do this I usually just put my leave in (kinky curly knot today) on, like directly out the shower and allow my hair to air dry, but lately that whole method doesn’t seem to be working for me, so I am currently doing research, again.

    I am thinking after reading this post about skipping the leave in and go straight to my oils, and creams when I come out the shower, and simply add the leave-in to my liquid. I don’t know how that will work because I live in the tropics so it’s extremely hot on some days and I wear my hair in mostly twists, which I use gel to do so that basically just dries out my hair even more but without it my twists don’t stay or last.

    Is there any advice that can be given?

  9. Hey I have crochet braids at the moment how often should I use the loc method? I plan on letting them stay in for ab 6 to 8 weeks. I use water, Hawaiian silky 14 in 1, coconut oil and bjco.

  10. Good Day

    I am a male, and current LOC method is…

    (L) water+aloe vera juice+vegetable glycerine
    (O) virgin coconut oil+extra virgin olive oil
    (C) hollywood beauty olive crème

    Your thoughts?


    • Sounds good. Is it working for you?

      • I really appreciate the reply Miss T.

        Yes! So far it is working ridiculously well. I moisturized my hair the early morning of the 28th, and haven’t had to moisturize since! That specific LOC Meth seems to be really effective on my hair.

        I’m curious now as to when I’ll know its dry again, lol.

        and more importantly when to co-wash (my preference over shampoo’ing).

  11. Hi Tamara,
    This is a great blog but it looks like I have too much info that I am confused about what to do for my little hair.

    My current regimen is water (from showering) then leave in conditioner which also has moisture then some natural hair treatment (basically a combo of different oils) or olive oil.. I am not so sure I am doing the right thing and so far I am not seeing anu changes yet.

    I am 6 months post BC and I am nervous about my hair. Please help me with a good regime as my hair is a 4c and is so short. I have olive oil, leave in conditioners, giovani shampoo and conditioner (economic girl), cooking coconut oil at my disposal at the moment. I don’t know how to combine them or use them effectively.

    Thanks, I appreciate your time.

  12. also are you saying that everytime your hair feels dry and in need of some moisture, you wash your hair and do the LOC method? or if your hair is dry but not dirty do you just skip shampoo and basically just shower with no cap? or if your hair is dry but not dirty do you just use O and C but no water?

    • When you first start loc you may have to do it every couple of days, some people have to do it twice a day. But as your hair starts retaining moisture you will notice you have to do it less. If your hair isn’t dirty you can co wash ( wash with conditioner) and skip the shampoo, we shampoo every 2 weeks but co wash in between.

      You always have to use water, putting oil on dry hair will seal out moisture and cause breakage. What I usually do is loc it really well before I style it then I Mix everything in a spray bottle and refresh until we wash or co wash, then after washing I’ll loc again.

      Also make sure your oils are pure and extra virgin are better. Also with coconut oil some people protein sensitive so it doesn’t work for them, but you can use olive oil, grape seed, jojoba oil, I have heard of people using almond oil as well however I haven’t tried it myself.

  13. HI! So I’m going natural all the way this weekend. It’s been a little over a year since my hair was relaxed. First I still got blow outs, then I switched to senegalese twists (with extensions) and now this weekend I’m (finally) cutting the chord and taking the twists out and it will be just me! I’m buying products and trying to mentally prep now. I was TERRIFIED but this is something I’ve been working my way towards for years now and with all the knowledge this site has given me I’m starting to become less anxious and more excited. thank you so much for making this site.

    That said, I have three questions if anyone can help: 1. so with the LOC method, after shampooing in the shower, do I add the oil all over then cream all over or do i put oil on a strand, then immediately put cream on it? 2. Also how wet should my hair be when I’m adding the oil? do i need to let the oil dry before the cream? 3. Do I need to condition my hair in the shower before/after shampoo? I think i’m going to try using my leave in conditioner as a cream so perhaps not?

    • When we use the LOC method we do it right out of the bath or shower, apply a leave in (this and water would be the L), then oil, then your cream. The cream is what holds it all in so usually its kind of thick, a leave in would be to thin as a cream. No don’t let your hair dry before apply the cream, and on the oil you dont need a lot, a little usually goes a long way, depending on what kind you are using. And yes condition after shampooing, it will make and detangling easier.

      • Thank you so much so it sounds like these are the steps
        1. pre-poo with coconut oil all over (i’ve been reading up on some other articles on this site and almost every one mentions coconut oil and suggests it as a pre-poo)
        2. shower and shapmoo/condition and rinse out
        3. put leave in conditioner in
        4. apply a little oil and then cream

        also are you washing in the shower with twisted hair? if not, should I wait for my hair to dry after all the steps before twisting it if I want to style it that way or just after the steps no matter how wet or dry just go ahead and twist it? THANKS

        p.s i feel like I’m in a support group 🙂

      • Lol I know what you mean about feeling like you’re in a support group lol

        Yes your steps are correct, we don’t pre poo but that is preference.

        when I wash I do it in chunky twists, so it doesn’t tangle then loc it and then style, I do it like this when I take down restyle. But if she is wearing something that can easily be washed I then I shampoo and condition with the style in and loc after she gets out.

      • thank you thank you thank you!

  14. Hello! I currently have Virgin Coconut Oil (liquid form) and Coconut Cream Concentrate. Can you apply either one directly to hair during the week for maintenance and could I used either one for my oil step? I’m a newbie and I’m still spending a lot of time researching and figuring out what works best. Thanks for your help.

  15. catherine says:

    my hair is fine with low porosity,i would like to know how to moisturize while my hair is braided.should LOC method apply when the hair is left undone? because my hair is always in braids.

  16. MELODIE WOODS says:

    I transitioned in 2 1/2 years. I wear a 2 strand twist because I am not comfortable with my hair natural and loose yet, I wash and re-twist every 2 weeks. Two days before washing, I untwist and let my hair rest and I work on the de-tangling with my fingers process. Do you have any opinions on AS I AM products. I have been using them for a few months, and I think my hair likes it. Yes, they are expensive, but it appears that they last a relatively decent amount of time.

  17. Kamisha Cook says:

    My L.O.C. method is simple, water, aragon oil, curl enhance smoothie especially at the ends. The oil helps with detangling and keeps it smooth. Simple 4c weekly moisturizing routine. I don’t have to remoisturize for a week doing these steps.

  18. Well said. Will do this method too. Thanks for the information. Good day!

  19. Hello Tamara,

    I posted to your site last week and was wondering if you had any advice? Thanks in advance.

  20. Krystall says:

    I love this article, thanks for all the information! I was jw after the loc method do you proceeded with blow drying or will heat ruin the results? Should some steps take place after blow drying or be repeated?

    • Hi Krystall,

      Thank you for reading and great question. I follow each shampoo with the LOC method and when I’m blow drying my hair I also apply a little oil and leave-in conditioner to my hair before blow drying. I will be doing some follow -up post on the LOC Method and the best products for it and etc. Make sure you sign-up for update so you will be in the know. Sign-Up Here–>

  21. OMG! I’m glad that I found your site. I am 2 days post BC of my locs (loc’d 4 years) and I feel like my hair is missing something. I’m trying to be proactive and get a good regimen down along with giving my hair all that it needs since I’m essentially starting with all new growth. For some reason I was under the impression that coconut oil was a “sealant” and my process went something like: water/setting lotion, As I Am Leave-In, KeraCare Cream Moisturizer, Coconut Oil and then I finished with Biofusion critical care serum. I’m also figuring out that my hair has a high porosity but I have color so I read somewhere that I shouldn’t do an ACV rinse…I feel like I’m all over the place, LOL! Because my hair is sooooo short I need a process that’s going to do my little curlies right :). Please help!!!

    • I would simplify… Get back to basics. Coconut oil is one of three penetrating oil. It’s not a sealant. Use it before shampooing as a pre-poo and apply it before your leave-in conditioner. ACV can strip your color, you’re right about that. Deep conditioning weekly with a moisturizing deep conditioner will improve your hair’s porosity.

  22. Gabrielle says:

    I use a leave-in, then castor oil, and then the shea moisture curl and style milk for my LOC. I was looking at some other sites and they say that oil is the sealant and should be applied after the style milk. I’m so confused on what I should do.

    • You are right. Castor oil is a sealant and if you choose to use it, it should be used last. Try one of the oils mentioned above after your leave-in conditioner instead

      • Should I do water, coconut oil, then Tresemme Naturals as my leave in or should I do Tresemme Naturals then coconut oil. Is the water or the conditioner the liquid in the regime.

  23. I refer to this post often. I’m only 6 weeks post BC and I’m still trying to get my routine down. Thanks so much for the info✌️

  24. Question! I use (1)water (2) coconut oil mixed with castor oil and pure shae butter. Will that be ok or is it best to do it differently?

  25. I actually do it backwards and was worried that I was doing it wrong, but my hair responds well to doing it the way I do it, so I guess that’s all that matters. I also see some people use a cream AND a leave-in conditioner, and I was wondering what the difference is, if there is a difference. I personally wouldn’t want four ingredients in my hair and try to keep it to three min and max. Basically, I wet my hair in the shower. When I get out, I apply my Giovanni’s Weightless Leave-In conditioner, and then seal it all with Carrot Tea-Tree Oil therapy that I am currently using. This gets the job done, so I guess I don’t have anything to worry about, I was just curious, And actually, LOC doesn’t work for me unless I use the cream first, so LCO for me.

  26. I have very course hair that has been damaged and broken off after years of relaxes. I just recently went natural & I just need the right tips to get me on the right track to rock my natural hair. Please help!

  27. i have low porosity should I proceed please?can you advice? 😮

  28. I currently use safflower and sometimes olive oil. Don’t want to waste them so can they be used with the LOC method. And how would you classify them.

  29. Thoughts on the following on wet hair:

    1) leave in + coconut oil + gel (the coconut oil seals in the moisture from the water and the leave in) or

    2) coconut oil + leave in + gel


    • The second one is best! 😉 Your hair is already wet, the coconut oil is sealing in the moisture from the water on your wet hair.

      • Dominique says:

        I though you said Coconut oil wasn’t a sealant because it’s one of the penetrative oils?

      • It is a penetrative oil. It works a little bit differently to seal in moisture (that’s why its not considered a sealant) by penetrating the hair and helping it to hold on to water molecules inside the hair. Coconut oil works from the inside while sealant work on the outside of hair.

  30. Can I use pink oil Moisturizer as my cream or Olive oil moisturizing hair lotion. would you recomend that?

    • I wouldn’t recommend Pink Oil Moisturizer because it has Mineral Oil in it, something that could be bad for your hair but if it works for you then go for it.

    • Adriana says:

      I use Pink Oil Moisturizer on my hair as a sealant/cream, after the avocado/coconut oil. But because it has mineral oil (an emollient & lubricant) in it, I shampoo weekly instead of co-washing in order to remove the residue it leaves deposited on the strands.

      As result I end up with a shiny and well moisturized hair. And I’ve not experienced dryness or residue buildup, guess thanks to the weekly shampooing.

      • I use Pink oil,too sometimes & then seal with BLUE MAGIC HAIR GREASE if I need to ! ,I just ignored all the anti grease propaganda last winter (2014) & went back to it because the shea butter & oils weren’t enough. I still had breakage & split ends. So I went back old school & used what mom used when i was a kid. Saved my hair !!

  31. This was sooo helpful. I’m hair care challenged and I have a 5y/o lil girl with super thick hair and is having a hard time with moisturizing. I’ve been searching for weeks on where to start and I’m glad I found this, because in just a few steps it answered most of what I’ve been searching for.

  32. Can i sleep with a shower cap to help lock in my moisture?

    • No, I wouldn’t just because there is a such thing as over moisturizing. You need to allow the hair time to dry completely to keep it from becoming protein deficient

  33. This would be my first time using this method. Please advise if these steps are correct:

    1. Water
    2. Coconut oil
    3. Castor Oil

  34. Joyce Brown says:

    Should I use products that have petroleum jelly in them on my black hair.

    • No

    • Yep! It all depends on your hair! I’ve been natural since I was ten, but I really didn’t start working with my actually hair in its natural state until I was about 17. I tried everything for years but it either sat on my hair or my hair soaked it up like a sponge. I’ve done loc method, tried products, made my at home mixtures, done just basic oils, challenges, the list goes on. I finally heard about someone using grease on their hair, old school, and remembered that even when I was getting perms my hair was really, really healthy. Like I had my own horsetail growing, until I started to swim. Anyways, I started to think back to my friends and people I’ve known that straighten their hair but used grease and all these products with petroleum in it and their hair is bangin’ and healthy! So I went back to using Blue Coconut Magic and guess what? My hair stayed moisturized for DAYS! It wasn’t at all greasy (anything can turn greasy if you use enough of it), and my hair loves the stuff. Loc method is still great tool to utilize, but when it comes to natural hair no one’s the same. I found that the jelly is my hair’s bff! So if you want to you can try it out! But feel free to be free when it comes to how you take care of your hair. Just make sure that whatever method you use you’re hair is happy with it!

  35. Is the coconut oil in the hair section ok or can I use the pure coconut oil that is ok for cooking? Also, I read that the coconut oil should be heated just until liquid before applying. Do you agree?

    • Pure coconut oil is best. You don’t have to heat it. It melts when you rub your hands together. It works best when you mist the hair with water.

  36. So is this a daily routine? I have been creamy crack free for 3 years and I’m just now learning about natural hair care. And what are some good leave in conditioners I’m a 4b/4c I think

  37. This site is very informative and helpful to me (and my hair). You know I really like the L.O.C. method even though it’s been hit or miss with me over the years. I didn’t know that the oil portion of the method should be a penetrating one as the ones you’ve mentioned. It makes sense as they are able to get deep into the hair shaft similar to water and increase the chances of keeping the hair hydrated. I just tested this out on a section of my hair using avocado oil. I’ll see how it feels in the morning. Hopefully by tweeking things the L.O.C. method will be more of a hit than a miss. We’ll see…fingers crossed! =)

  38. I have been doing a LCO for my daughters, but I have trouble with frizz, I’m going to try the LOC instead. I usually use kinky curly knot today leave in (after washing/cowashing) to comb their hair and once detangled, apply coconut oil and sometimes a styling cream/gel to hold their style. Do you think simply swapping that step will work, I really like the knot today,but will it act as a sealant? Can I oil, cream then comb? Thanks!!

    • As Tamara said, the LOC method is best for moisturizing your hair.

      To prevent frizz you have to make sure each step is done properly. Don’t just lay the products on but rake it through to ensure each strand is coated. Your Knot Today is perfect for the L part. Follow up with your favorite oil then top it off with a moisturizing cream that’s a bit thicker. If you don’t have to use gel on your daughter’s hair then don’t. That might be contributing to the frizziness. There are lots of creams that have good hold that does not leave your hair crunchy or fizzy. My favorite is Taliah Wajid Curl Cream.

      This article explained the LOC method perfectly. However if you want to check out my explanation of the method then you can check out my blog.

    • Yes, it will act as a sealant. Leave-in conditioners are formulated to seal the hair cuticle. Yes, you can oil, cream then comb.

  39. How much oil do you use? Seems like it might be easy to have an oil slick style!

  40. I have really dry hair and I would like to try this method but I am not sure how this is suppose to be done.. Do I wash the hair, then add a leave in conditioner and then an oil and then I how do you dry the hair?

    • The steps are LOC. After shampooing your hair you add your oil to already wet hair. The best oils are olive, coconut and avocado. Then add your cream or sealing product. You mentioned a leave in conditioner and that’s perfect. Dry your hair like you regularly would. The LOC method is more of a guideline as to what order to apply your products for best results.

      • For my LOC I use Giononni direct leave in as my liquid, coconut olive avacado oils as my Oil and Giovonni direct leave in as my cream..Im not sure if this is working what are some signs of good moisturized hair. I BC 3 months ago and im still CONFUSSED..What are some other good creams …HELP PLEASE.

  41. Stacey willie says:

    My hair is in very poor condition, it is dry and brittle . I’m going to start the LOC method today. Can you recommend a good leave in conditioner I can use?

  42. Samantha says:

    You said that you use your leave in conditioner as your cream, does it matter what kind of leave in conditioner you use, as far as the ingredients are concerned?

    • No, not regular leave in conditioners are formulated to seal in moisture by closing the hair cuticle.

      • Samantha says:

        Ok thank you. I’m going to try this method on my niece’s hair and wanted to make sure as I have a regular leave-in conditioner at home, but I also have Kids organics Gro strong, but I am not sure if that would work as C.

  43. I have high porosity very fine hair. I found this method last night and decided to try it today. I was using a method, i thought was sealing my hair; but, I was layering my products slightly different (LCO). So, tonight i tried the LOC method, adding a few other products into the steps: aloe vera & curl activator spray. My question is –when using aloe vera juice to close cuticles, where does it fit in the steps of the LOC method? Also, when using a liquid that contain oils and glycerine (such as the activator spray), where would it fit in the method? Would it be considered an L or an O? Because it is a liquid i included it in the L step, but am unsure if the oil & glycerine would make it better suited for the O step. I lose moisture from my hair very easily and can use any help you can offer! Help!!!

    • My hair is also fine with high porosity. I tend to do LCO. I don’t use coconut oil as my daily hair strand oil. I use coconut oil in my deep moisture conditioner. Aloe vera (90 to 100 %) and water are for moisture i.e. what I think is the liquid part. I’m not sure of its ability to close/lay flat the cuticles. It depends what is in your curl activator and how high up the ingredient list it is. Anything below number 5 on the ingredient list will not have a massive impact on your hair unless you are allergic or it builds up (for months) without shampoo and/or clarifying.Glycerin is a humectant i.e. it draws moisture from the air/atmosphere to the hair strand. Natural pure 100 % plant oils tend to be lubricators, smoothers, sealers, conditioners, softeners and emollients. It depends on the oil you are using or the one that is contained in you curl activator spray. So although you can spray your curl activator and it is in liquid form it is not a liquid under the LOC method definition. My sister introduced me to the LOC method (She aiming for MBL and is almost at BSL) and since I’ve been doing it is has improved my hair even in the depths of winter. Where I was going wrong was using one product to provide all of the LOC components instead of have 3 main products. So currently I use rosewater and glycerin spray daily (twice). Those are the only two ingredients. Then I use a leave in conditioner which has a creamy texture usually has many ingredients but one of the top five has to be a strong hair conditioning agent like Behen. Methosulfate or Cet. Alcohol. Finally I add a bit of shea butter just after my weekly co-wash or jojoba on a daily basis. I put tea tree mixed with olive oil on my scalp twice a week. More if it is dry or itchy. I have found that no moisture ever escapes my pure shea butter and it also keeps my hair really soft (strong conditioning and emollient properties). Oh and I do wear a lot of protective styles, meaning I only tend to manipulate my hair once or twice a week at most and my hair agrees with wearing braids for 3 months at a time as long as I wash and condition on a regular basis also. Keep experimenting and get the book Science of Black hair! Do you!

  44. I mix my oil wuth my creme when I put in my hair….am I doing this wrong?

  45. Do you just wet your hair and do this method or is it like a Pre-wash or you can do it anytime?

  46. Thank you for clarifying this method. I too, read The Science of black hair. I love it and refer to it often it has helped me get my low porous hair in check. I found that it was most beneficial for me to combine my conditioner with the castor oil. Combining the two made it very emollient, more effective, plus it saved me a step and it was not as greasy! if you haven’t already please read her other book “Hair Rehab” it’s for every type of hair!

  47. Delores Glover says:

    During the warm months, I use Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Shampoo and I leave in the conditioner. I grease my scalp and add oil to each of my twists. During the colder months, I do the same think except i rinse out the conditioner and I use Organics hair pudding and then some oil, usually argon or olive. In the colder months I also grease my scalp and I apply activator gel and oil to my hair once a week. During the warmer months, I only grease my scalp when I wash (usually once a month) and I oil my hair every 1 to 1 1/2 weeks.

  48. I’m also an LCO gal. I use water, then my Neutrogena leave-in, then seal with an oil.

  49. Kris Napier says:

    Is Almond Oil as effective as grape seed, castor or jojoba oils?

  50. Some days LOC work, other days I find myself doing it LCO…my hair be cray cray lol

  51. Hi ,

    I do you the loc method. Only I do the L.O.L.C.B . it really does wonders for my hair. I have been doing this method for quite some time. And I love it. L= LIQUID, O-OIL, L-LEAVE IN, C-CREAM, B-BUTTER.

    I normally I listen to my hair and may skip a step if needed but for the most part I stick to the plan. Thanks for asking, Take care

    • Dreen girl says:

      Hi, In regards to the LOC method. I wanted to know if I can use two different leave in conditioners in my hair. One leave in is all Liquid, Oil and then cream leave in. What do you think of me using two different types leave in for my LOC method.

      • If it works go for it. But you don’t really need two products that do the same thing.

      • Dreen girl says:

        Thanks for getting back to me. I didn’t think so about two leave in. I’ll planning to use Aloe vera as my liquid, oil (Coconut and Castor as my oils) and a cream (Giovanni, Shea moisture ehancing smoothie or shea moisture restorative conditioner. I’ll let you know how it works. Can wait to take out my protective style. Thanks

  52. Transitiongirl25 says:

    The LOC method does not seem to work for my hair. I have highly porous hair and I find that when my hair is wry, it is best to use some cream or butter in my hair first then add my favorite or oils, castor and coconut.

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