Restrictions on Hairbraiding


Restrictions on Hairbraiding?

Necessary or Not???

Utah State Rep. Holly Richardson, R -Pleasant Grove, authored a bill that will legalize natural hair braiding without a state-issued cosmetology license. The bill was introduced in the Utah legislature. Read more here.  With some of the horror stories of hairbraiding such as permanent hair loss and scalp infections.

Do you think it should be legal to professionally braid hair without a cosmetology certification or license?

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  1. I notice that most of you want the money, but don’t want to go to school. well, have you thought about filing taxes. you cant receive money without paying taxes.

  2. Over the top. We braid hair. The person receiving the service needs to also make it clear what is and what is not acceptable for stylists to do to their hair.
    NOOOOO you don’t need to have a license for someone to teach you what you already know. If you want to learn, learn. If you are good at it. do it. What the heck. I have been braiding hair for money, an for fun since i was ten years old. I’m 43. Front steps, kitchens, porch, bedrooms…braiding everywhere. It’s how I got through college without me having to get a job.
    No license. Common sense for the person getting their hair done, and diligence and professionalism for the braider.

  3. i been braiding hair since i was 11 and do a great job w/o a license. i feel there is no need to be trained in something most black women been doing all their life. now we all know which group of stylist braid hair with a result of balding edges. but maybe that’s due to their culture.

  4. I been doing hair since I was 12 and never damage anyone hair. It come natural to me and I think people should be allow to do hair without Cusmotic license.

  5. To be correct, as a hair braiding certification provider for the state of Florida, unlicensed braiders can take a 2 day or online course to get certified through the state to braid the natural hair. To add the micro hair, kanekaleon hair, etc, they will also need a hair wrapping license (6) hours of additional training. It only teaches sanitation but I do offer the students hands on training as a added value. The reason Florida law is different is because we have Disney world and there are few businesses that offer braid services at the premises or resorts and it protects Disney from a law suit.

  6. Do any one know about braiding rules in the state of of ky.If yes i will like to know for i am intrested in having a braiding license my self for that is what i love doing.

  7. I have a braiding license I feel if you’e going to do anything professionally you should have a license or certification. But here’s what I’ve experienced in braiding “school” The program isn’t indepth enough. It does give you the basics techniques and you get to practice. But tension and a lot of other things aren’t really taught. I feel their should be a license program for natural hair care and braiding, of the same caliber as cosmotology school. We are only required to have 35 hrs in the state of texas. You can’t teach a well rounded program in only 3 days.(and cosmo school is not the route to go for a natural hair care profession) Most of this, we learn on our own. I have to use common sense when it comes to healthy braiding, and proper technique..

  8. I just think they need a school you can go to that just focuses on hair braiding, because as much I want to get a license I’m not trying to take a course that focuses on something that I will never do or have believe in doing, So I think it should be a yes and no but I truely think its another way to take something away from our community that we have been doing for generations. Just because were new t this thing don’t mean we have to have a licence. I mean if thats the case have teachers in the class room that know everything about braiding, someone pref from Africa. Im just saying before we was brought here against our will we had lavishing hair styles with braids and still being done till this day.

  9. why shouldn’t it be legal.. the ppl claiming to be professionals should give professional advice, have a professional and clean shop that they practice in and should be able to give advice on how to care for your hair.

    • I strongly disagree for the simple fact they have hair consultants, so if all they want Is advice about the care of their hair then that is where they need to go. now if they.were asking about which brand of hair is better, and what they need to.achieve a style, then that is some of the things they should know

  10. No I don’t think it is necessary, I mean the freelance talented braider doing it just to have additionnal income, should be forced to go in school for something she will not use?
    Making it licensed is going to make th price skyrocket.. and since they are not low …
    Then it is true that I think braiding is a gift as opposed to a skill…

  11. Rachel Jones says:

    In FL, braiders are allowed to take a 2-day 16-hour course that gives the certification to braid natural hair (no extensions). There is exposure to information about sanitation/sterilization, cosmetology law concerning hair braiding, HIV other communicable diseases and scalp disorders. The only thing thats not taught is how to braid. The typical course runs from $200-300. I think thats more than sufficient to braid natural hair. The license cost about $40 must be renewed every 2 years. With regards to braiding with extensions, I dont agree that one should be required to take the full cosmetology course, if and only if, the braider will only perform braiding, twisting or locs services. Why? Wasted time and money. I think there should be a course offered that includes the addition of hair. As a licensed barber-stylist one who recently applied for braid license providership, I would certainly LOVE to help talented braiders become enterpreneurs.

  12. I think it should be legal. For most African Americans we started with just knowing how to deal with our hair in its natural state.We adapted to society, altering our hair chemically and stopped the healthy natural care such as braiding. Most people that I go to that braid hair are self taught and develop their technique over years of practice. “how to” braid can be taught in a class but the art of it is something that is learned. There are people who braid hair specifically because that’s what they know how to do and may not have had the liberty to go to hair school and get licensed. For some it’s their source of income and to take it away all cause a piece of paper would be ridiculous. If one wants to ONLY do braids why go to 1 or 2 years of hair school. At the most maybe create a class on natural hair maintenance. I have experienced hair loss due to braids but that was kinda to be expected when I had all the chemicals from relaxers in my hair. It’s like putting tension on a rope that’s already about to break. Make it legal!! What does it look like going to jail all because you braided someone’s hair

  13. Having been fined over $1000 for braiding my little brother’s hair while sitting at my mother’s hair salon (we were not at a station, he was on the floor and I was in a chair), I was fined $1000 and my mother $2500 because she owned the salon. I believe the laws should face some review because it was an uphill battle to fight my charges in Texas.

    Since braiding is a cultural styling option, there should be a braiding basics class focusing on tension and things of the like offered to those who wish to do it professionally. However, I do not feel that a braider needs the same 1500 hours of classes that those who will be using chemicals would. Make it a certificate course and call it a day.

  14. naptralle nappe says:

    My only comment is license or not, the stylist can damage your hair…having a license only really makes it easier to sue. I stopped going to the shop and doing it myself.

  15. I do NOT by any means think it should be legal for people to perform hair braiding without a cosmetology license. For one, hair, whether it is being braided, straightened, styled in any form, should require the stylist to have a license. Also, braiding as it was listed before can cause damage to your hair if not performed correctly. I honestly think it’s absurd to even do that. Now I know there are many stylists that work out of their home and I have even gone to some before. However, after experiencing some hair loss myself, I only go to licensed professionals.

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