5 Protein Conditioners for Natural Hair


Protein Conditioners are a very important part of a healthy hair regimen. They help to maintain the Moisture Protein Balance of hair for strong hair that is resistant to breakage. Below are some of the top ranking Protein Conditioners. 1-2 are rinse out conditioners with light protein concentrations while 3-5 are more concentrated protein deep conditioners  For further reading: Proteins and Natural Hair.

Why Are Protein Conditioners Important?

During regular maintenance of your hair such as shampooing, you will naturally lose a small percentage of protein each time. Your hair regimen should minimize and replenish the loss of protein. It is also important to eat protein rich foods. Finer hair textures will have less protein than others. Therefore, it is more important for them to superficially add protein by using a protein conditioner.

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  1. Ion rec instructor is my favorite, even when I was relaxed.

  2. I’m going to try Protein deep conditioning next time hopes it helps to keep my hair healthy

  3. So i’m relatively new to natural (a little over a month ago i stopped doing extension added protective styles but stopped relaxing in summer of ’13) and love the site. I’ve been reading up a ton on all the articles about protein, protein/moisture balance, and deep conditioning related to moisture or protein. My hair felt kind of mushy the last time I washed it so I think i’m going to do my first protein deep condition the next time I wash it. I’m just wondering how this fits in with the loc method? Are the steps shampoo (i know you said don’t deep condition when you co-wash), then protein treatment (I’m going to try the mayonaise leave in) then rinse it out and then use the O and C of the LOC method? Also, can i still pre-poo with coconut oil before doing a deep conditioning treatment? Thanks!

  4. Vanessa Smith says:

    I have very kinky hair and shrinkage bad trying to find conditioner that works for me. Plus I need to find good moisturizer I’m just starting out also would like something to help define my curls help!!

  5. Vanessa Smith says:

    I have very kinky hair and shrinkage bad trying to find conditioner that works for me. Plus I need to find good moisturizer I’m just starting out also would something to help define my curls help!!

  6. Aubrey Organics is an amazing protein deep conditioner. I’m not fond of the smell but it gets the job done. I also purchased the ORS Hair Mayonnaise to give it a shot (product junkie…)

  7. Having a rough patch. I bc in 2011 and my hair is fine but only forms up into an afro after each wash (90% shrinkage). So I get no laying of the hair like I want. So thinking about just cutting/shaping “afro”. The twist outs, braiding, are on actually fine hair so they are too small to get that full effect that I want.

    This article has me now going back and grabbing some protein to see if that will help. Like Tiffany, I received the GBP in my CurlKit, but didn’t know what to use it for. So I will try the protein step to see if my hair gives me a better sign.

    I would like to keep the length, but I can’t do anything with it like it is.

    What exactly does Keratin products do to natural hair? Was thinking to use to loosen my coils a bit.


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