[Natural Hairstyle] Tapered Fro

The Tapered Fro is my newest natural hair obsession.  As soon as I make all my YouTube videos and turn 30 this is gonna be my hairstyle for a while. Its twist on the traditional afro.

Tapered Fro*Above Photo  Credit

Picture submitted by Keandra E.

Picture submitted by Keandra E.

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  1. I..love..this! this is Sharp!

    This is how I wear my hair very similar. I have worn my hair with shorter sides and back , longer and fuller top for a couple of years now since I’ve been natural. I love it! it’s easy , dries quick, and it doesn’t require lots of product. Which is a win win because you save money, due to needing less product. Enjoy!

    Take care and have a great weekend!

  2. OMGoodness, this is so hot. My friend Laura has the same cut. You can check her out under the Naturals To Know link on my page.

  3. Debi Hunt says:

    Gorgeous I have the same cut just shorter.


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