10 Summer Tips For Natural Hair


10 Best Summer Natural Hair TipsSpritz & Seal

Spritz & Seal is a great way to moisturize DAILY and prevent breakage.  A moisturizing spritz that consist of water, aloe vera juice, and avocado oil will hydrate the driest of hair.  Some of my readers, shout the praises of Argan Oil too. But moisture can easily escape if not sealed in with a natural sealant.

The best natural sealants are heavy oils (jojobacastor, or almond) or thick butters, Shea Butter for example.

Shea butter (here are 10 Place You Can Buy Shea Butter) is also rich in SPF which protects your hair from UV rays. Try my simple whipped Shea Butter Recipe. You will find it here.

Spritz & Seal is perfect for moisturizing protective styles like braids, Marley Twists, or Havana Twists. (If you love Box Braids (and we all do) you may want to check out these quick Do’s and Don’ts of Braids.)

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Don’t Forget The Leave-In

After being exposed to the heat and sun, always replenish moisture in your hair by applying a hydrating leave-in treatment that softens, promotes manageability and shine, while busting frizz. Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner and Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Leave-In Conditioner are both available at Wal-Mart.

Also, be sure to do a deep conditioning treatment every two weeks or as needed to rejuvenate your locks.

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Co-Wash In Between Shampoo Sessions

Sometimes your hair and scalp can’t wait until your next shampoo session to be fully saturated with water. For a mid-week re-hydrating session cowash your hair with your favorite conditioner and then style as normal. Your hair will love you for it.

For some people cowashing daily is even great for their hair. Once my hair got to a certain length this wasn’t the best option for me. But when it was shorter my hair and scalp LOVED it.  You may find that your hair feels the same.

Now, it creates more shrinkage than I wanted and more work during my already busy week.

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Get Rid of Those Dead (Split) Ends

Split, damaged, dead ends will not retain moisture. Its just best to cut them.  Get rid of those dead ends, girl!!!

Some signs that its time for a trim are pesky single strand knots, tangles, extremely dry & frizz ends, and your hair just doesn’t appear to be growing.  This is the perfect time to cut them before that cause any more trouble.

If you’re unsure of what your trim schedule should be read this post on things that determine how often you should trim your ends.

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Detox those locks!

If you’re using a lot of oil (oiling hair daily, regularly using heavy butters and oils e.g shea butter, castor oil, doing regular oil rinses/hot oil treatments etc), you may find that mild shampoos simply aren’t able to clean your hair, sufficiently.

You may find that without the occasional clarifying shampoo, you may develop build up issues or that your hair is dull. In some case, your hair may even be dry because water is unable to penetrate.

Naptural 85, Youtube Blogger saw many of these signs and decided after 3 years without it to go back to shampoo. You can see it here.

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Clarify After Swimming

After swimming in a pool or the ocean, be sure to wash your hair that same day with a clarifying shampoo such as SheaMoisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo  to remove chlorine or salt, which can cause dryness and damage, leaving it brittle and fading color.

Again a more gentle alternative, that’s also great for color treated hair is Ouidad Superfruit Clarifying Shampoo.


Embrace Shrinkage

Shrinkage is not the enemy… Our hair has a natural tendency to tightly curl or coil which exhibits itself in shrinkage.  I personally see about 50% shrinkages. Although my hair is mid-back length, it shrinks to about shoulder length. I wrote about my experience here.

Shrinkage isn’t all bad because its your hair’s way of protecting itself from losing moisture.   Embrace it or if you want to minimize shrinkage use heatless methods of stretching hair like these hairstyles: 5 Hairstyles That Minimize Shrinkage

Products that Stand Up Against Humidity

I know a lot about humidity. I was born in Houston, TX. Can you say ‘hot and humid’?!

Humidity can cause your hair to swell in a matter of minutes.  The best way to beat the poof and frizz that comes with humidity is to invest in great styling products that keep your hair hydrated, yet shield it from the moisture in the air.

Here are a few styling products that do that…

EDEN BodyWorks All Natural Coconut Shea Pudding Souffle
Design Essentials Natural HONEY CurlForming Custard with Honey & Chamomile
Earth’s Nectar Honey Curls
EDEN BodyWorks All Natural Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme
Miss Jessie’s Original Curly Pudding
Jane Carter Twist and Shine
As I Am Twist Defining Cream

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  1. Very helpful article! Thanks#

  2. Charvian says:

    For the summer, I lighten up the oil in my spritzing mix. During the winter, I’m heavy on the olive oil, jbco and glycerin. But for the summer I nix the glycerin and jbco, lighten up on the olive oil and use more coconut oil and shea oil. Then I make sure to spritz 2-3 times a day.

  3. Catherine says:

    My tip for summer: If you are spending a lot of time in outside in the sun to wear a hat or something type of cover to protect your hair from the sun. We have sun block for our skin, however we don’t consider the that our hair is just as vulnerable to the sun and UV rays.

    • Mary Martinez says:

      I’m not a hat wearer but I’ll try thxs good reminder.

    • Brenda RC says:

      Yes, I think wearing hats are a good option for protecting our natural hair. Also, making sure to keep it moisturized is essential. My challenge is the heat/humidity when working out early in the morning and then having to go to work. I try to stick with twists but would like more options.

  4. Mary Martinez says:

    My tips are keeping my hair moisturized, like mentioned and protecting it from the sun.

  5. I find that “dusting” every three to four weeks and alternating between olive and coconut oil (both mixed with castor oil) daily can really improve the body, length and lustre of naural hair. I live in Kenya, very hot most of the time, so heavy oils can be stressful, but i find these mixes quite manageable.

  6. Great article. Very helpful. Thanks for the tips! Enjoy your day!

  7. hi, it’s very in summer in my country Sénégal so in summer I use my personal mixture water+glycerine+argan oil and little Jbco or castor oil and it’s work well for my hair and almost time I’m in protective style . I hope it helps you and I love your naturel hair

    • Thanks for sharing. That sounds like a great combo!

    • Will distilled water in a spray bottle help reduce shrinkage? Can I just apply water on my hair after washing my hair once a week? I have a TWA afro and I would prefer to only apply leave in conditioner and seal with coconut oil.

      • That can work too, but it depends on where you live (I’m in Nevada so it gets super hot) and your hair. If you notice that your hair is super dry in between washes, you may want to try the moisturizing spritz with distilled water.

      • Thank you Tamara! My hair is not very dry between washes. I do keep my moisture level up after using a deep conditioner once a week.

  8. I am in NC and this is my first summer with natural hair that isn’t dreads so with this dead heat and humidity i need all the help i can possible get cause of right now water and olive oil is my best friend

  9. I use my water, glycerine, and peppermint oil (instant softness) every other day on my hair which is worn in a puff everyday. On the other days, I use a conditioner-water concoction with Cantu oil moisturizer. On Fridays evenings I twist my hair for the weekend which are taken down Monday mornings. I don’t mind my shrinkage although I wish my twists had some hang to them. But the thickness and very curly ends is keeping that from happening.

  10. My biggest problem during summer is dryness.
    When I bun, moisturize and more moisturizing.

  11. Best tip for summer hair… Moisture, wear a bat when you can and wear protective hair styles.

  12. Kamisha Cook says:

    I t’s been a year now since my family and I have moved to Puerto Rico. The humidity and constant heat, is killing my poor scalp. It constantly sweats and itches, especially when I wear my hair out. I make sure that my products are simple and my hair styles as well. 2 strand twists, I wear for 2 weeks and co-wash once during that week. When the 3rd week comes around, I rewash my hair and start the process all over again. I pre-poo, clarify, deep condition, Cantu leave-in, and seal with castor oil. Simple.

    • Kamisha,

      Thanks for your comment. I know what you mean about dry scalp. I will be sharing a new moisturizing spray recipe that has helped with that. Stay tuned.

  13. Cornelia says:

    I just finished delocing after almost 15 years of wonderful cultured locs. I love my new hair and I think I’m a 4b. Unfortunately I have no real idea what products will work best of me and will be heading out to discover the right mix. I’m starting with I Am Me products but not sure if there is another line that isn’t as expensive. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Cornelia,

      The best way to shop for products is first identify what you need. Do you need a gentle cleanser? Or a conditioner? Identify what your hair needs are and go from there.

  14. The heavens opened up and light shined upon me (too much?) when I found your blog on twitter. I am mixed, and my mother who is chamorro (native people from Guam) tried her best to manage my hair. Bless her heart! Still, seeing as how her was straight, she didn’t know how to really take care of my hair as a child. Also, I didn’t grow up around any of my black relatives or knew anyone with my kind of hair so I had no clue how to take care of it. The internet wasn’t really around then so there was no hope in googling. Anyway, in the midst of all the rambling I want to thank you for writing such a informative and helpful blog. I just spent the last thirty minutes going through all of your posts and taking notes. At 26, I still don’t have any idea how to take care of my hair – especially since it is not straight and not curly. Some weird in between… Probably, maybe, because of the perm I got last year. So, now I am on a quest to get my hair in the best condition possible and you have given me a starting point. Thank you! Maybe I am not a hopeless cause.

  15. 3caramel7 says:

    If the sun is particularly hot, try to stay out of the sun, like the people who live in those particularly climes do mainly between the hours of 11-3pm when the sun is at its highest. Otherwise cover your hair with a funky scarve or hat to protect your hair from frying and dehydrating in the midday heat!

    • challenge for me is shrinkage i never had this problem in the past i been natural for over 10 years. I use oils in my spray bottle but i get shrinkage when i do my twist with bantu knots. WHY IS THAT???

      • Monica, Shrinkage is a natural part of your hair. Shrinkage can result in humid climates or maybe your hair is changing. Try one of the products mentioned above.


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