My Hair Journey

This is my natural hair journey thus far…

Welcome to Natural Hair My name is Tamara Floyd. I have been natural since 2006. Like many of you I was afraid to go natural but once I did the big chop I never looked back. I’m not a person to commit to any one hairstyle.  You will see various looks and the versatility of natural hair. For further reading about my natural hair you can read about My Regimen and
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Aug. 2006 This is me before the BiG ChOp. I tried to transition. Matter of fact I went perm less for about 5 months. Here I got a really good Chi. (I know I look high in this picture. I’m not.)

Nov. 2006 This is a month after the BiG ChOp. I really didn’t know what to do with my hair so I would just straw set it every week.

Mar. 2007 Ok. I wanted something different so I got the front braided and the back blown out.

Natural Hair Styles

Apr. 2007 I finger coiled my hair with Twist and Lock Gel. Me and the hubby.

Natual Hair Style

Apr. 2007 This was Easter that’s why all the drama! Finger coils with Twist and Lock.

Natural Hair Style

Jun. 2007 A few months before this picture I went to have the rest of my relaxed hair cut off and the lady completely bald me. This is after my hair grew back a little.

Natural Hair Styles

Aug. 2007 I decided to let the color grow out. I did flat twist or plaits to the scalp and took it down when it was dry to achieve this look.

Natural Hair Style

Sept. 2007  To get a spiral/waving look I two strand twisted the hair into medium size plaits. After it was dry I took it down and pined up the sides.

Natural Hair Styles
Dec. 2007 Wow! i Just Realized how fast my hair grew. This is a longer version of flat twist taken down.

Natural Hair Styles
Jan. 2008 Flat twist again. I don’t know why this came out different. I think I used a different product. Kinky curly instead of Twist and Lock.

Natural Hair Styles
Apr. 2008 This is my first press since going natural. Look at those layers their natural too.

Natural Hair Styles

April 2008 This is the next day after wrapping it the night before.

Natural Hair Style

May 2008 This is my afro puff.

Natural Hair Styles

May 2008 Finger coils again but this time with length. I love this style it stays cute for up to two weeks.

Natural Hair Rules

Aug. 2008 I finally mastered the wash n go! It only took 2 years.

Curly Nikki Twist n Curl

Nov 2008 This is my birthday shot. I did two strand twist and rolled on rods and took down when dry. It turned out so cute. Ok so I guess the formal name for it is the ‘Twist n Curl’

Natural Hair Styles

Nov. 2008 This is my second press.

Natural Hair Styles

Nov. 2008 This is my wash n go after wearing it straight for a week.

Natural Hair Styles
Dec. 2009 This is my Curly Puff.

Natural Hair Styles

Jan. 2009 Curly Nikki Twist n Curl


Feb. 2009 I was protective styling w/ two strand twist


Define your Curls the Quick Way April 2009


Wash n Go May 2009


Wash n Go Afro puff Aug. 2009


Wash n Go with mousse vs. gel. I like the mousse better. Sept. 2009


Pined up one side Nov. 2009


My third press Nov. 2009 See more Pictures Here

flat twist out on Natural Hair

Jan. 2010 Flat Twist Out

French Braid to Stretch Hair

French Braid to Stretch Hair

Feb. 2010 Two Chunky Braids


Mar. 2010 Dry Twist Out

Two Strand Twist Updo

Apr. 2010 Two Strand Twist Updo

May 2010 Me and my younger brother

May 2010 Hanging with the Birthday Girl, Leela James

Anthony Hamilton

June 2010 Got to hang with Anthony Hamilton. Cool, right?!


July 2010

Twist Out.  My photo shoot with the very talented Kirby Mack.

Messy Top Bun

Aug. 2010 Messy Top Bun

Me & One of my best friends, CoCo

Twist Out on Natural Hair

Sept. 2010 Another Twist Out

Afro Puff

Oct. 2010 Afro Puff

Blow Out on Natural Hair

Nov. 2010 Press with Hair Rules Blow out Your Kinks

This was apart of my hair model adventures. Read more here

Dec. 2010

Interview with Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter. She was so down to earth. Love her!

Jan. 2011

My hair stop growing!!! NOOOOOO!!! I must spring into action for the sake of #teamnatural. I began my natural hair challenge.

Feb 2011

Michelle Obama’s Stylist did my hair!!!

 Blow Out Press Straighten Natural Hair

Mar. 2011

Blow Out, Trim and Length Check

April. 2011

Talked Hair with Marsha Ambrosius formerly of Floetry.

May 2011

I’m having a baby…This is a picture from my annoucment party.  Not the best hair picture but hey…

My Maternity Pic. (Unedited)

September 2011

The Maternity Shoot. Twist Out

October 2011

The Baby Shower

November 2011

Am I still pregnant? (I was almost two weeks post due date)

November 2011

Finally Prince Made His Arrival with Postpartum Hair Loss

My Baby's First Christmas | Natural Hair Rules

December 2011

Best Christmas Present Ever!!!

January 2012

6 Weeks Postpartum. My go to motherhood style was a twist out.

February 2012

Natural Hair Style Inspired by Fusion of Culture.

 March 2012

My Heart was Really Heavy for Trayvon Martin’s Family

April 2012

Naturalista Kim Coles loves Natural Hair Rules!!! I was so flattered.

May 2012

I was featured on Black Voice to discuss going natural.

June 2012

Bridal Photo Shoot for Essence

July 2012

Um…I don’t quite know what to call this. Check it out here.

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