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This picture was taking almost a year ago.

I went natural about 4 yrs ago. In November, I noticed my hair has been the same length for the last year or so maybe even shorter. I also noticed some breakage and thinning of my ends. I’m aware part of the problem.  Read How a Proper Trim Can Help You Retain Length

This prompted action.  I got a trim to removed split and damaged ends. I know some of you are against trimming or cutting your hair. In researching hair care it is required to maintain the overall healthy of your hair. Read Why You Should Trim Your Ends.

My challenge now is how do you retain length to grow long healthy natural hair . I will discuss some tips I have learned recently. Read Why I decide to begin this challenge. Here are 3 Things I Learned About Hair Growth

  1. Products do not make your hair grow. If they did the FDA would have to regulate them as a drug for such claims
  2. Genetics only determines the rate at which your hair grows, not the length at which your hair grows.
  3.  Proper haircare with products that have a combination of ingredients that both moisturize & retain natural moisture are key to long healthy hair.

For the next few months I will continue to explore information and experiment along with tips/ techniques for my grow out challenge. Comment below with your suggestions on how to grow long healthy natural hair.

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  1. Next month will be a year since I’ve started my healthy hair regimen. My hair is now past armpit length. I never trim my hair unless its in two strand twists and I’m getting rid of the tiny snags at the very tips (dusting method some call it). But I never really formally trim my hair, I just keep it moisturized and wear protective styles. Water + Sealant + Protective styling = length retention

  2. Greetings all! Forgive my ignorance but I have two questions:
    1. What is BC?
    2. What is Keratin & why does it have to stay so long in your hair?

    I have been natural since ’98 when I started my locs, however I have since cut them because of hotflashes and sweating in my head. Still natural…for 1-1/2 yrs kept it in crew cut then that got to be too much was having to get cut almost weekly…not really the kinda of gurl who likes high maintance. Know I need a cut now and will get one soon. Know hair will grow since w/ locs hair was the longest it has ever been- locs got waist long. Looking forward to your answers and blogs.
    Thanks in advance

  3. Michelle Smith-Brown says:

    I just did my B/C on 02/02/2011 I have a lot of shrinkage. I did the bc because I wanted to get my hair healthy and get away from the relaxers and really see how if I can do this natural journey. I just need help with tips and products… Thanks I am really excited about this journey


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