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Coconut-Olive-Oil-for-Natural-Hair-1I recently started making a Coconut Olive Oil Mix for my hair and scalp as an alternative to solid coconut oil but still reaping all the benefits of the super oil.

I love coconut oil but I don’t feel like solid coconut oil really penetrates my hair even with water. And in the humid summers, my whipped coconut oil was too messy to fool with.

But with all the benefits that this super oil has, I didn’t want to stop using it.

I decided to combine it with Olive Oil for a few reasons. 1.) Extra Virgin Olive Oil is readily available at my local grocery store. 2.) Like coconut oil it penetrates the hair shaft.  3.) It keeps the coconut oil in liquid form which is easier to apply to my scalp while protective styling. 4.) Applying coconut oil to Hair can help prevent dryness and breakage

Additional Benefits

Coconut oil and olive oil nourishes, moisturizes, conditions, and strengthens hair while also minimizing hair loss and dandruff. They both help to repair damaged hair cuticle. Both have antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties that fight off common scalp and hair problems.

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How Do I Use Coconut Olive Oil?

First, can I say I feel like it needs a cute name. Nik Scott calls her holy grail oil mix, swag oil. See her video below. The most obvious way is to oil my scalp. I have dry scalp so oil my scalp as needed. But first I spray a hydrating mist which is a combo of water, glycerin, and aloe vera gel. The oil is used to seal in the moisture from the hydrating mix.

On my skin
For most of my life I have suffered from eczema until I went natural. Guess that’s because I learned about products and the benefits of all natural ingredients for hair and then skin. I still have eczema but using sulfate-free body wash and natural oils and butters keeps it under control. After a shower, I rub a little of the oil on my body that are prone to dry skin which are inside my elbows and behind my knees. These oils can also help decrease stretch marks. So I oil up daily.

On my Face
Just a little bit, though. After toning with witch hazel, I literally add a couple of drops to the cotton ball with witch hazel and rub on the oil on my face. Olive Oil actually has SPF properties along with Shea Butter.

On my Baby
Prince is 19 months now. He still has curls that are almost reddish blonde in color. This color always seems to appear dry; moisturizing daily is a must. The best way to keep his hair moisturized is with a little water in the coconut olive oil mix. I also pre-poo or soak his hair with water and then rub in the oil before shampooing and conditioning. We are still using SheaMoisture Baby and It’s A Curl Hair Products

Mixing up a batch of my coconut/olive oil. My hair & skin love this stuff. #naturalhairrules

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  1. Gwendolyn Arnold says:

    I have fine thin hair that is natural. Is it okay to use shea butter mixed with oils on my hair? Is there a way to thicken up my hair as well? I had my hair blow dried out after three year of being natural and I didn’t like it because it fine thin and gray. Is there a hair dye that I can use to cover my gray hair without it damaging my hair please help.

  2. Gemma's Dad says:

    Can you share your recipe for the hydrating mist? Thanks!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Can i use the coconut oil and olive oil mix on my relaxed hair?


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