Join Carol’s Daughter Founder, Lisa Price for a Curl Clinic

Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter has been coined as “a work at home mom” by Oprah. She began her business by experimenting with fragrances and body products.  Today, she is the creator and spokesperson for a multimillion dollar brand.  Dillard’s of Willowbrook Mall hosted the “For Curl Clinic” event that was a must to attend.  On Saturday, December 4th, Natural Hair Rules got an exclusive interview with Carol’s Daughter.  The event included complimentary curl analysis, live demonstrations, curl styling tips and product giveaways.
Lisa’s Kitchen live demonstration included homemade recipes for “Curl Tea” and a Scalp Exfoliation Treatment.  The first was a demo of Dillard’s Special Curl Tea kit (as shown below).  This Kit included a special blend of herbs and essential oils.  It was as if Price had invited you into her home kitchen.  She described the recipe and gave instructions. She jokingly said “do as I say, not as I do” as she referred everyone to the recipe card in our kits.  This seasoned veteran had no need to measure, for she has perfected the recipe over time.  The Curl Tea is used to conditioning both the hair and scalp.   The  scalp exfoliation treatment is a homemade treat for your scalp that is good enough to eat, literally.    “From your kitchen” ingredients include brown sugar, coconut milk and grated coconut.  These items and other were mixed in a bowl.   One would section hair into 6 or 8 section and apply directly to scalp. You can mist hair lightly to assist with parting hair.  Massaging exfoliate onto scalp with pads of finger.  After about 15 minutes rinse hair and shampoo as normal.

Next  on the program was a formal introduction of “Carol’s Daughter Curl Infusion”.  Lisa spoke so fondly of  this process in our exclusive interview.  Oil Infusion is a conditioning treatment which combines Khoret Amen Hair Oil and Khoret Amen Hair Smoothie.   You apply the combination of two products like a hair mask in sections from root to tip on your entire head.  Let stay for 15-30 min depending on the desired intensity of your conditioning session.  Then rinse with warm water.  Lisa goes on to inform the audience that Khoret Amen Hair Oil was her first hair product.  She referred to the hair oil as a product for serious hair care because of its nurturing properties.


In our interview,  Lisa Price stated after using oil infusions regularly along with the Hair Milk product line, she can now guarantee that her natural hair will curl properly.  “Curl with little or no frizz at all” she added.  “I learned how to deal with curly hair and gain control over my hair” she said in regards to overcoming challenges in perfecting her natural hair regimen.  She knows what her hair will look like everyday, usually with no out of control surprises.


Lastly, Lisa shared information about her favorite product line of Carol’s Daughter, Hair Milk.  Mentioned earlier this product line is a part of her daily hair regimen to maintain her curls.  These products include curl boosting ingredients and help tame frizz.  The Hair Milk Original is a sixteen year old formula and the brand recently added Hair Milk Shampoo, Hair Milk Conditioner and Hair Milk Lite.

The Curl Clinic was an unique opportunity to enter the kitchen of Lisa Price and leave with a couple of her homemade recipes for hair and scalp treatments.  Participate not only got to meet the woman behind the brand but experience the products in new ways with tips for the hair and body products.


_DSC5539 Lisa Price instructing audience to follow recipe card

Audience member experiencing with Carol’s Daughter bath products


Lisa Price demonstrating  layering of fragrances.

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  2. Patricia says:

    Hello I just started going natural but my main problem is how do I get a definition in my natural hair? I want some sort of curl or wave pattern in my hair and for it to stay.But do not know how to get this look.Please help me.

  3. Lisa’s success is so inspiring, she makes me (and I’m sure hundreds of other female entrepreneurs to believe that we can accomplish anything with hard-work, vision and determination. This was a great interview!

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