5 Ingredients You Need To Start Making Your Own Natural Hair Products

5 Ingredients You Need To Start Making Your Own Natural Hair Products

This is for all my DIY’ers out there. I’m a fan of making my own natural hair products.  If you frequent this site, you know I’m all about being cheap frugal and simple. Many of the DIY Natural Hair Products featured on NHR will include 3 ingredients or less.

Here’s a list of 5 Ingredients You Need To Start Making Your Own Natural Hair Products.  These are the base ingredients.  Use them solo or combined with other ingredients.

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  1. Always wanted to know how to get started if I ever wanted to create my own product. Thanks ☺️

  2. This post is really new and helpful for me where I got ideas of 5 ingredients for natural hair. I will definitely use these products for making my hair good looking. Thanks for sharing useful information.

  3. This is a fantastic info and the whole Site is WOW! I live in sub-Saharan country and the weather here is harsh so I’m think of starting my own hair products that can protect the natural hair from the bad weather and I think this article is One-Stop ‘database’ for this idea so thank you. You noted that your products don’t need preservative but do you think for commercial product I can add essential oils to preserve it?

  4. Nice post! Will purchase those ingredients and try to do my own hair product. Just thinking of creating my own hair products is already fun! Thanks for sharing this article! :) Have a nice day!

  5. Mayisha Smith says:

    To save money I have recently began making my own natural hair products from ingredients right out of my kitchen. I braid hair out of my home and a client forgot their hair grease so, I whipped together some olive oil, Shea butter, and Vaseline. She loved the it. I wanted to find more products I could use together and reading your tips has helped. Thanks

    • That sounds like a good combination minus the Vaseline because it can keep the hair from absorbing moisture.

    • I want to give you this hair glossary regarding natural preservatives for your home hair remedies. it may keep your products from going rancid. however, Vaseline is petroleum. yes, I’ve used it on my hair. I went to the hair salon & my stylist couldn’t believe I was using that just to keep my hair soft. it keeps my skin soft because nothing works for my skin. i’m crazy serious. I kid you not. I stole the idea from my Spanish boyfriend. who look ages younger lol ok so lady above doesn’t like Vaseline as a hair edition. petroleum & mineral oil is a sealant. so yes it locks in the moisture. use a tiny pinch of it i mean. most ppl may think it will clog your hair shaft if slapped on. eh no lol moisturize the hair, protein treatment or whatever have you & seal the hair with the Vaseline like a pomade. nature’s blessing pomade look it up is also an all natural hair sealant like a grease but lighter! :) using regular kitchen oils etc by it’s self is not going to cut it unless your hair is 3A, 3B hair type or straighter honey. again my hair stylist couldn’t believe that’s all I used to keep my hair soft & healthy. NOW MAY I INCLUDE DEPENDING ON YOUR HAIR TYPE LOL NO VASELINE (PETROLEUM OR MINERAL OIL) MAY NOT BE THE BEST BONIFIED CHOICE AS A HAIR SEALANT TO SEAL IN MOISTURE. kodoos darling

  6. I have spent more than 2 hours on this site, and have taken many notes and learned a lot. I’m off to a good start and now I also have the tools to make being natural more fun! I’m off to buy some new products to try! Thanks so much for this site. Mik

    • Hi Mik!!! Thank you so much for visiting and reading. I hope you also signed up for updates. This way you will know when there are new post on the site. Sign-up for FREE Updates here–>http://eepurl.com/Gemgn

  7. I am curious about vegetable glycerin. Is it okay to use in the winter time? I read a couple places it wasn’t such a good idea.

    • Tasha,
      Its okay if you seal the moisture in with a sealant like shea butter or castor oil. But not too much because this combination can easier make your hair feel tacky.

  8. Damarys Guzman says:

    In between co-washing I mist my hair with water only in the AM and again during the day if needed. Is that considered moisturzing Is that ok?

  9. I’ve been growing out my perm since 10/12. This weekend I cut-off the last oft perm( very liberating). What can you recommend as a moisturizer. So my hair does not look dull or dry? Over the counter or making my own potions. Thanks, Sandra

  10. christina arecy says:

    I live in the east coast and I have a bottle of vegetable glyrcerin. Can I use glycerin during the fall or winter??

  11. Antoinette says:

    Hi! All of these ingredients sound great but how do you mix them together? Ok I’m a newbie at this and just started locking my hair in February. So just in case my funds are low and I need products for my hair, this is a good way to keep my hair looking good but just want to know how to mix it together. Please forgive me for being ignorant to this process. :)

  12. Paula Johnson says:

    I really need help in the growth of my hair. Really stagnant!

    • you hair is unresponsive..sit hair under water for 5 min to remove product build up, then use a clarifying shampoo to remove the build up. let the shampoo stay on hair for 5 min untouched then rinse out like you’re washing it. if hair is still greasy then repeat. next step is to use a protein treatment followed by a deep moisturizing conditioner that will soften & moisten the hair. how do I know. I’ve done it & it works wonders. here are hair products that are formulated for natural, relaxed or dyed hair–>Ia quick remedy is Aphogee protein treatment, Aphogee Keratin 2 min reconstructer & Maroccon Argan Oil Moisturizing Conditioner/or Mask. it works wonders. hair breakage is due to lack of moisture & protein. the protein will stop that breakage instantly. go to Sally’s or your local beauty supply store & buy it. do google reviews on it. Then seal hair with an oil like Apricot, Olive, Coconut, Almond oil found at local health food stores or grocery store’s with an organic section in it. also do the shealoe butter ingredient that’s on this page good luck 😉

  13. can i wash my hair everydei as in when i take my bath,my hair is still short buh not dat short?

  14. What can use for a natural preservative so the product can last atleast 6 months unrefrigerated?

  15. Where has this site been all my (natural) life!
    The info is worth all of the clicking!

  16. Tatiana Sheryl Thornton says:

    I won’t use no gel or anything that as a name Gel. But I will use Aleo Vera Juice… is that fine…

  17. This is a great site. It offers a lot of information that are vital to my business. I will be follow you.

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