Havana Twists: Everything You Need To Know

How To Havana Twists


Havana Twists Tutorial Provided by Fingercomber.com.  Havana Twists are very similar to Marley Twists. (Read The Difference Between Marley Twists and Havana Twists.)  Havana Twists are installed with special extension hair called Havana Twist Hair available only at FingerComber.com using the invisible root method.  Havana Twist can also be installed with Marley Braid Hair.   But Havana Twist Hair is softer and fuller for a chunkier twist. The price difference is Havana Twist Hair is $12.99 per pack vs. $4.99-$8.99 per pack of Marley Braid Hair. Note that instructions and product recommendations are from Fingercomber.com.  You can substitute any or all of these products with your favorites.   Where Havana Twist Hair is listed you can easily use Marley Braid Hair instead.

To create this look, start by co-washing your hair. You may like to try Jane Carter Nutrient Replenishing Solution, or Afrigenix Berrilicious Smoothie. If you have the time, allow your hair to air dry, and apply your favorite oil. If you’re short on time, proceed to blow dry. (Product rec’s from Fingercomber.com)


Havana Twist How-To 1-4

1. Part your hair in 4 sections, and clip to hold.

2. Use your comb to create a part that is approximately one inch wide and one inch deep.

3. If you don’t want your parts to be pronounced, don’t spend too much time on defining your parts.

4. Divide the parted section into two.


5. Separate a handful of the HAVANA TWIST HAIR ™, use 6 strips to achieve the size pictured.

6. Fold the HAVANA TWIST HAIR ™ in half, and place it as pictured in picture number 6.

7. Beginning on the side closest to your hairline, twist the HAVANA TWIST HAIR (tm) in with your own natural hair, clockwise.

8. Do the same with the other half.

Havana Twist How-To 5-8

Havana Twist How-To 9-12

9. Now, begin to cross the twisted sections over each other in a counter-clockwise direction.

10. Repeat this crossing over, down the whole length of the twist.

11. Twist by crossing over, until you reach the end of the twist.

Repeat this step throughout the remainder of your head.

12.-13. Roll small squares of aluminum foil into mini rod shapes.


14. Use the mini rods as you would a flexirod, on the end of each twist.

15. Very carefully (and at your own discretion, and risk) dip the ends of the hair in very, very hot water. You may want to have someone help you with this step.

16. Allow the hair to cool off completely before gently removing the foil rods. Clip any stray ends.

Havana Twist How-To

*Skip To 2:32 for beginning of tutorial.

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  1. Shouna love says:

    I going to unravel my Havana twist crochet braids soon. I just wanted to know do I dip them in boiling hot water before unraveling?. Or do it just start unraveling?. I love this unraveled look, and don’t want to ruin it by missing a step.

  2. HI! I want to make Havana twist,but thinner. I’m Brazilian and I have a lot of hair and they arrive at half of my back,but I think they’re not enough curly and dry to keep extention on. Can I do them with my natural hair?

  3. Can you take a blow drier to Havana twist hair, once crochet braids are unraveled…you know, for a new natural look?

  4. How much natural hair do you need to do this ?

  5. Mrunal says:

    Hi, I want to get Havana twists . I am Indian . My hair are curly, dry and frizzy . My natural hair length measured from scalp is almost 20-22 inches . Can I do Havana twist style with my natural hair or do I need to add extension? Also will my hair hold extensions? I don’t want breakage as I have thick hair . Please advice .

    • I think you could use your natural hair, but you could use a smaller amount of the braiding hair in order to give you length and fullness and protect your ends. If your hair is curly your braids on your own hair will be shorter in length and keeping the ends from unraveling might be a probably, because you have to dip the ends in just about boiling hot water to seal them and that could potentially damage you hair and ends.

  6. How many pack oF hair do I need from finger comber

  7. How many packs of hair are needed for this look?

  8. Do havanah twist put traction on edges like braids

  9. I’ve never had Havana/Marley twists, I’m excited

  10. Courtney McGill says:

    Let’s say i already have Havana twist but want to make them longer , can i just add hair to the ends of them ?

  11. Can I put them in my hair if I have dreads ?

  12. Meechie says:

    I wonder if 6 strands of Marley hair would achieve the same thickness as the Havana twisted hair displayed above. I will say I love how Havana hair looks and the legnth is appealing. Do you think their is a way of getting mid legnth twists with the Marley hair? I’m thinking if I cut the hair in half the ends would appear blunt.

    • 6 Strands maybe a little too thick of at twist. Some people have used 3 for havana twists.

    • If you want to get shorter twists, just cut the hair in half (or to whatever lengths you want before installing) and pair the ends of the pieces in opposition. Basically, you want an uncut end (the naturally tapered ends of the hair) and a cut end you just made on each side. Then just pull the tapered ends down a bit so they hang a bit lower to give the overall braid a tapered look.

      Sorry if the description is a bit unclear lol. Simply put, just cut before hand and arrange the hair so that you don’t get blunt ends. Good luck!

  13. what kind of hair do you use for havanna twist?

  14. Tenise Fagan says:

    How long do they last?

  15. Sweet. They turned out nicely. What was the total installation time?

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