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Dry locs.  This problem plagues many happily locked ladies.  First, make sure that you actually have dry locs.  Natural hair doesn’t usually have a shine, but rather exhibits a slight sheen.  This sheen comes from the way light reflects of our locs.  For some, this sheen is greatly noticeable.   For others, sheen might seem virtually nonexistent.

A lack of sheen does not mean you have dry locs. Your locked natural hair becomes too dry when you use certain products or don’t properly care for your locs. It will feel brittle to the touch and will be susceptible to breakage. You might also have a naturally dry hair texture and need to give your dreadlocks extra attention.

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  1. I used to run hither and yon, looking for the perfect product but I’ve yet to find anything that works as well as my own homemade hair butter. It keeps my hair moisturized from week to week without any maintenance in between wash days every Sunday. And, I’m saving TONS of money!

    • what do you use for you hair butter??? I’ve been looking forever for some tips on a good one and all anyone ever tells me is they make their own but wont share what they use or how they make it. And Im just trying to find something good for my boyfriend’s hair because products are really hard to come by in Washington where we live.

  2. thequeenbee says:

    In my research on sisterlocks, they say to not use anything on the hair until it truly locks–except water–I have always used conditioner on my natural hair, so how do they prevent dry hair if no products can be used? Watering hair is very temporary since hair almost immediately begins to allow water to evaporate.


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