5 DIY Hair Moisturizing Mists for Summer


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I absolutely love making my own hair care products at home because it allows the freedom to use exactly what you want to your hair. There are tons of different hair mists, styling refreshers and hair moisturizing sprays on the shelves that contain ingredients that your natural hair may not necessarily like or need.  A DIY hair mist can contain all the ingredients you want on your hair and none that you don’t and be a custom concoction that’s just perfect for your hair.

These commercial hair products contain ingredients that you can easily get your hands on to make hair care products for yourself.   Below, I’ll share 5 of my favorite DIY moisturizing sprays that you can try for yourself. They are light enough to use in the Summer without weighing your hair down, and will also help protect your hair from the blistering sun and damaging UV rays.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Why do you add oils to your moisturizing sprays if you plan on sealing the moisture in with an oil and/or a butter afterwards? I am definitely trying some of these recipes but I just want to understand the need for oil in the moisturizer. Thanks!

  2. kira brown says:

    Are these sprays daily??? And do you have to seal them in with something? I’m thinking of using my Shea butter mix. A

  3. Gay McArthur says:

    Is there a summer and winter daily moisturizing mist? If so can you post please!

  4. For the moisturizing spray for dry hair, can I substitute the apricot oil and sesame oil for either jojoba oil, avocado oil and sweet almond oil?

  5. Hi! So i’ve been making the aloe vera juice/vitamin E oil/lavender drops/olive oil spray maybe 4 times now and although I think it does a good job of moisturizing my hair, it leaves it feeling strange. Almost sticky or wazy.I think I want to try a new method for daily moisturizing. I read the shea/aloe mixture post as well as the olive oil/coconut oil post AND the daily moisture post. Can I use the shealoe mix or the cocolive as a daily moisturizer or would that be too heavy/much/thick to be a daily thing? If not, do you have any suggestions for a product (not DIY) for daily moisture? Maybe a spray? (I really liked how using a spray can evenly distrubute product and I can use more on a dry area without my hair being wet. I also appreciated that a spray won’t run down my face the way using oils in their natural form do. Though I’m still a LOC girl for sure!)


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