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In the Washing Natural Hair post, I mentioned how I wet or add moisture to my natural hair daily.  I received some questions as to how.  Here’s a more detailed description. These are some healthy hair practices I’m utilizing for “My Grow Out Challenge“. Also, check out Building a Moisturizing Regimen.

  • Shampoo or clean hair and scalp at least once a week.  Sulfate-free shampoo is best for natural hair.  But I don’t recommend shampooing daily.
  • Rinse hair every two to three days.  A rinse is exactly what it sounds like.  Just running water over hair.  This can be done daily.
  • Steam curls by allowing steam from a warm shower infusing your hair.  Simply jump in the shower with uncovered hair or stand in a steam filled room.  You’re not running water over your hair, that would be a rinse vs. a steam.
  • Mist hair and scalp.  Read more here.

Moisturizing Without Frizz

I know your next question is ” How Do I Keep My Hair From Getting Frizz When I Moisturize?”

  • Moisturize your hair at night before bed.  To refresh a twist out or similar style moisturize your hair and then re-twist hair.  Let set and dry over night.
  • Apply Moisturizers directly to scalp.
  • Once water and moisturize is applied let dry before touching. This minimizes frizz.

The combination of these hair care practices can be used to moisturize your natural hair daily. If you are protective styling or wearing a set style such as a twist out modify these tips.  Consider using a spray bottle or adequately moisturizing prior to styling.   Make sure to seal the moisture in with natural oils or butters (cocoa or shea) ; apply one or more of these products from root to tip and then style as desired.  You can purchase many of these items here.  Your hair will be softer and you will see healthier curls.

How do you moisturize your hair?

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  1. Hi… I have a hooded steamer and i was wondering if i can steam my hair daily? My hair is SUPER DUPER DRY it breaks my heart :(

    • Yes, you can. Steam daily until you notice that your hair is retaining moisture and not breaking anymore. Then you may want to go back to a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.

    • legadema37 says:

      @ Com4rt I have a steamer,too, that I use every 2 weeks or every week if need to. Just used it today . For super dry hair try this : Get some HotSixOil & apply it to your hair after shampooing then steam it til steamer shuts off. If it feels too greasy , co wash with a little rinse out condish (I use Tresemme naturals moisturizing condish) to get out excess oil. Then seal with whatever suits your hair. I use Blue Magic Bergamot grease…. YES ,GREASE !! It worked when my mamma..and everyone else’s mamma.. used it decades ago & we kids had long healthy hair . So why not NOW ?It’s a wonderful sealant,protects the ends of my fine hair & keeps it soft, reduces breakage to a minimum, & keeps it well moisturized. I just use it on my hair not the scalp


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