Courage to Be Natural

It take a certain unknown courage to be natural especially if you crop your tresses. For some our long relaxed hair is all we know and defines us. But to find the courage to be natural is so neccessary to tackle the unknown that comes with being natural. You don’t know how to style it. How other will react. (especially significant others and family members) What products to use. How to care for it.

Sometimes as natural woman we are challenged and even scrutinized for our journey but we give others hope and encoragement to be their natural. Some are intimidate by your couarge to be natural. They comment “I can’t do that or I try that”.

Courage to natural, does not come from others opinion of you. Or even your opinion of your hair. Your hair most be learned and trained to be healthy. The courage to be natural comes from withing

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  1. I absolutely agree with you. I decided to go natural after a break up and wanted a new look. I always admired people who rocks an afro. I didn’t have have a particular purpose I just did it because something deep inside told me that it was the best way to be real. I’ve been natural for 2 years now and I am learning so much about myself and not caring what people think of me or my look. Thus it does take a lot of courage to be living in your natural state and being your true self.

  2. My own Mother encouraged me to go natural. She is on her 2nd year of living with natural hair, and she loves it. I had my last relaxer this January 2009, and was at the point quite recently of either do it again or not. So, not.

  3. Yes! Love your comment, “The courage to be natural comes from within.” I agree, 101%!

  4. I like this post, I decided at the start of the New Year not to get a relaxer in my hair anymore. It’s interesting to see all the textures that are coming out of my head! Right now I am using braids as a means to grow it out, I don’t have the guts to do a BC and rock a TWA. I love your blog and will continue to reference it!

  5. I agree, I wasn’t sure in the beginning if I had the guts to go natural, but decided to keep on with the journey. When I first told my mom and god moms about my transitioning, they thought I would fail and end up getting a relaxer, which I’m not. But, living in a world today full of weaves and relaxers it takes alot of courage to stand out with a Afro. I have alot of respect for natural women now than I ever did before.

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