5 Things You Should Do If You Notice A Bald Spot


5 Things You Should Do When You Notice A Bald Spot 2

A bald spot is a sign of hair loss or alopecia. If untreated or ignored chances of regrowth are drastically decreased. Here are 5 Things You Should Do If You Notice A Bald Spot.

 A variety of factors can contribute to alopecia from diet, hormonal changes, age, stress, and the list goes on. In most cases, alopecia is completely preventable and treatable but should be diagnosed at the first sign by a professional. A bald patch the size of a dime can easily grow to the size of a quarter and larger in a period months or even years. Once you notice a bald spot:

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Schedule an appointment with a professional

First, it is important to visit a hair care professional and in some cases a dermatologist to diagnose these issues. If you notice hair loss (bald spots or thinning edges), see a dermatologist sooner than later. A good hair professional will be able to distinguish between traction or traumatic alopecia that is cause by over-manipulation or other more serious types of alopecia that require a dermatologist.

Assess your hair routine

There are many cause of breakage or trauma alopecia. But most causes of hair breakage are self-inflicted by improper detangling or other hair breaking practices. And if you don’t determine the cause you will continue to see more and more hair loss.

Implement a Healthy Hair Care Regimen

Regardless of what you’ve read or seen online all hair care professionals agree, a healthy hair regimen consist of shampooing and conditioning frequently and moisturizing as needed. Shampooing with a sulfate-free shampoo at least every two weeks remove dirt and product residue this create optimal conditions for hair growth.  Using protein deep conditioner can help to rebuild hair.

Limit Use of Direct Heat

If you are experiencing alopecia, your hair is in a very fragile state. Using direct heat can worsen the problem; limit or forego flat irons and blow dryers use.

 Wear Your Hair in Low Manipulation or Protective Styles

As previously mentioned the most common types of alopecia are a result of over-manipulation. Wear hairstyles that reduce the need of daily manipulation such as protective styles. I’m currently protective styling with Marley Twist.

After given the all clear that your hair loss is unscarred, you may begin to treat with castor oil or other natural remedies but only under the advisement of your hair care professional.


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    Very good advice for bald spot. I’m using emu oil instead of castor oil.


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