4 Super Moisturizers for Natural Hair


Here are 4 Super Moisturizers for Natural Hair that you should look for in or incorporate into your product stash.

Moisturizing Natural hair 2Moisturizers serve two primary purposes. 1.) add moisture 2.) prevent loss of moisture. In this article I will identify 4 of the best moisturizers to include into your hair regimen.


Water is the ultimate moisturizer. Water equals moisture. To introduce or retain moisture, water must be present in your daily hair routine and diet. That’s right, moisturize your hair and body from the inside out by drinking water.  Also, using water-based products will combat frizzy dry hair.  Limit any hair care practices that deplete your hair of water such as excessive blow drying or coloring.


Humectants naturally draw moisture from the environment into the hair. One of the most common is glycerin. Make sure your humectants are present in the first 5 ingredients of your hair products. You can purchase vegetable glycerin at most grocery and health food stores. Other humectants include honey and agave nectar.I add a 4:1 ratio of water to vegetable glycerin to my spray bottle for a daily hydrating mist. When using vegetable glycerin its important to use a sealant. I recommend a natural sealant like shea butter.  This will lock in moisture.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer and pH balancer for hair.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using the juice or the gel; the properties are the same. I like to mix aloe vera gel with my homemade flax seed gel or whipped shea butter.

Hair Penetrating Oils

Oils that penetrate the hair are the exception to the rule.

The opposite of penetrating oils are coating or sealing oils.  These oils are impermeable to hair and are not moisturizers.

And oil and water don’t mix but penetrating oils aid the hair by increasing its ability to absorb and retain water molecules.

These oils are coconut, olive and avocado oils. (Also read: Why These are the Best Oils For Natural Hair) I like to mix all three of these oils together and moisturize using the LOC method.

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Hair penetrating oils help to keep the hair moisturized in a two-fold process. These oils absorb into the hair preventing the loss of proteins that bind water molecules. This binding increases the amount of water that remains in the hair.

They also minimizes damage from expanding and contracting of hair as water enters the hair shaft also known as hygral fatigue. As a result the hair remains healthier during the shampooing process. Healthy hair stays moisturized.
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What Super Moisturize Would You Add To The List?

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  1. is it ok to use eco styler gel as a detangler while styling my hair?

  2. Beeworker says:

    I work in a scent free environment. So, which product are scent free?

  3. my 16 month daughter’s hair stays dry and frizzy…is there a product I can use on her hair that will actually work cause I’ve tried just for me and kidz organtic by afican’s best?

  4. HI,
    Just call me MINDURHAIR, Cause if u don’t Mind ur hair, It surly wont mine you.
    Just became enlighten to doing just what my hair told me to do. And I guess you say,,, how did your hair tell you.!!! Cause everything I used my hair, said (No) by it’s actions.
    So I stop the braids, the weaves, then Wigs… And I loved my wigs OH SO MUCH. However it was still breaking my hair out.
    Then I said ok, my wonderful glory of the most high; I Will now do it your way. Started using
    more natural products, created some of my own, and I am on this new journey of MIND_UR_HAIR.
    We all know how our hair acts when we have given our hair the wrong thing to drink. Just like your head and your stomach knows when you were not suppose to drink that drink you had the other nite.!!!
    And so does your hair, Ur hair knows. Just listen and it will tell you!
    Thanks from

    • Very true! I had been using many expensive natural products from online stores and incorporating some chemical filled drying products and they basically negated all the natural products so that nothing I used was working for my hair. When I finally simplified my routine for my sanity and budget, my hair thrived with the bare minimum of what she listed (water, humectant like honey, aloe vera and coconut oil). None of those four had worked before and always left my hair dry, so I always blamed the products and not the state of my routine or hair. It is wonderful to know that no matter how kinky or dry my hair is, the simplest things will maintain it, if I just give it a chance!

  5. I recommend the pro naturals hair repair mask, it’s the best moisturizer ever!

  6. When using honey instead of glycerin.. wht is the method or ratio…

  7. Do you have any information on macadamia nut oil? I have heard that it penetrates the hair shaft. My hair cannot stand coconut oil and I have mixed reviews with olive oil so I’m thinking about trying the mac nut oil.

    • Mix your coconut oil with olive oil it works wonders. I have come across any studies about macadamia nut oil but I will be on the look out.

      • Can’t do coconut oil or products with a substantial amount of coconut in them. Not only does it dry my hair out, it itches. Think I’m allergic as I have seasonal allergies really bad. I’ll be interested in seeing what you find out about the mac oil. I read some things on line and it sounds pretty good.

  8. NEWLYNatural says:

    I have been trying to make my own moisture mist but I want to know how to keep it if I put aloe vera juice in it. Should I store it in the frig??

    Thanx in advance! :)


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