How To Get Perfect 3 Strand Twist Out Results on Natural Hair

Alyssa Forever shares with the NHR Family an Easy 3 Strand Twists Tutorial. Check it out below.

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How To Get Perfect 3 Strand Twist Out Results on Natural Hair

Are you looking for a new natural hairstyle? Does your wash’n go need a little PIZAZZ?! Well, fear no more! I’ve created a tutorial showcasing a hairstyle called a 3 strand twist out! I know what your thinking – No, I am not referring to a braid out. In fact, you’ll actually achieve twice the definition of a braid with this technique! You’ll even notice that the results are far more defined than a regular 2 strand twist out. With this style you will have insane definition that lasts a week or more!! I hope this helps all of you, and i would LOVE to hear about your experience!! Well, what are you waiting for?? Watch this tutorial to find out how to get telephone cord defined curls!

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  1. Thanks for posting the video! It made such a difference. I did the three strand twist for the first time yesterday & will take it down tomorrow. I can’t wait to see the results!

  2. Susie Dean says:

    I’ll experiment on my daughters short hair first. Using sheamoisture an Eco styler gel .

  3. I did this on my 6 ur old daughters hair. It turned out so pretty, she loved it and the curls were so defined. Definitely easy once you got the hang of it, thank you!

  4. hi i am mixed with mex and black but have mexican hair.. i have a daughter that is 3yrs old w curly thin hair but she is also mixed… i have no clue to do her hair she she has tight curls… i just need help lol

  5. I am transitioning however my natural hair is very very course and I am unable to comb my hair starting from the roots. Is this normal? I feel that my hair texture is not meant to be natural. Im transitioning since Nov 2013 for the second time.

    • Yes, that is completely normal. You should start combing your hair at the ends and work your way up. And only with a wide-tooth comb. Mist with water and apply coconut oil or conditioner to help loosen stubborn tangles and knots.

      • Thanks. Does this mean while going natural ill never be able to comb through my hair when dry ? Water makes my hair harder and the oil doesnt seem to help that much.

    • i thought my hair was too course too…until i invested it a good shampoo and conditioner (tresseme),mist my hair with water and olive oil and plait before bed….it worst like a miracle!

      • Thank you. Ive been wearing ponytails and using hair pudding along with deep conditioning….its been working

  6. Ok, at first…I was going to get frustrated because I figured all I was going to see another style I can’t perform. Well to my dismay, the tutorial was easy and looks it could be something I can do….so thanks and I look forward to trying this style.

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