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3 Ways to Extend Your Blowout

Love the volume and fluffiness of a blow out but not sure how to maintain the look for more than a day without starting all over again? Here are three simple heat-free ways you can extend your blowout!

The Truth About Texturizers

Mythbuster: The Truth About “Texturizers”

Think texturizers are great for your hair and for what you’re trying to achieve? Think again…

5 Shampoos with Biotin-1

5 Biotin Infused Shampoos & Its Benefits

Biotin is a vitamin known for its ability to strengthen and grow hair. In most cases, it’s taken as a vitamin supplement but did you know you can buy natural hair products with biotin as one of its main ingredients.
Here are 5 Biotin Infused Shampoos for your natural hair.


7 Inspiring Natural Hair Coloring & Activity Books for Kids

Looking for a natural hair coloring book for your little one? These books are perfect!


From a Natural Hair Stylist: Before Straightening Your Natural Hair

From a Natural Hair Stylist: Everything you need to know to avoid heat damage.
Before You Straighten Your Natural Hair; Warning Signs, Questions To Ask, Products, and more…

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Add These 7 Innovative Natural Hair Techniques to the List…

On the list of natural hair techniques, we have pre-pooing, plopping, co-washing and many more. And to the already long list let’s add Rugging, Lamping, Towel-Ghosting and other techniques that you should try to achieve defined kinks, curls and waves!

5 Ways to Get Past a Growth Plateau

Almost all of us have experienced the frustrating growth plateau. The good news is you don’t have to feel stuck. Use these tips to reach your goals!