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8 “Hair Products” You May Already Own In Your Kitchen…

If we’re not careful, we can end up emptying our wallets on hair products alone! But whether you’re on a budget or just wanna try your hand … [Read More...]

Natural Hair Styles


4 Ways to Create Heatless Curls

Heatless wand curls: it was one of the top natural hair trends of 2014. (And I don't expect the trend to slow down in 2015.)  I purchased my … [Read More...]

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remove crochet braids

How to Remove Crochet Braids Safely

After removing your crochet braids, surely you want to retain all of the beautiful hair that you have grown over the month so you want to make sure that is done the right way. But before we talk about the removal process, let’s me share some tips on properly installing crochet braids without damage. You […]


6 Steps For Repairing Breakage and Dry Winter Hair

The harsh winter environment robs you of moisture and can wreak havoc on your hair strands. When you touch your hair it’s dry as a desert and you see broken off hairs falling left and right. You moisturize and you moisturize, but nothing seems to work. You try protective styling, that doesn’t help the situation either. […]

13 Reasons to Chose a Home Birth

13 Reasons I’m Choosing a Home Birth

In Why I’m Choosing a Home Birth, I mentioned that I made a list of why. That list was originally only supposed to have 3 reasons, maybe 5 at the most. But as I started to list each reason, the list grew. Here are the 13 Reasons I’m Choosing a Home birth


5 Protective Styles We’re Eyeing this Winter

Protective styling (more about different protective styles) is a great way to retain length and is something you can do any time of the year.


3 Simple DIY Options for Clarifying Natural Hair

We talk a lot about using heavier emollients and sealants during the winter to help our hair retain and maintain moisture. After a while, though, if we tend to pile ‘em on, we may begin to experience some buildup. Yuck! Give your hair its life back with these three clarifying options! SEE ALSO: 5 Other […]