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DIY Coconut Water Leave-In Spray

DIY Coconut Water Moisturizing Leave-In Spray…

DIY Coconut Water Moisturizing Leave-In Spray Before I share the recipe for my DIY Coconut Water Moisturizing Leave-In Spray, here are … [Read More...]

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3 Buns For Any Length Without Added Hair

Hair buns are an elegant style loved by many, but lets be real no one can stand a stingy bun. Nobody wants a little pea sticking upside they … [Read More...]

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How To Use Coconut Water in Your Natural Hair

Coconut Water for Natural Hair

I wanted to know if I could use coconut water in my natural hair. I saw a Coconut Water Face Toner, which caused me to do a little digging.

DIY Coconut Water Leave-In Spray

DIY Coconut Water Moisturizing Leave-In Spray

Coconut Water has recently become the holy grail of beverages for many reasons. Its has a wealth of benefits. You can reap some of those same benefits for your hair and scalp with this simple recipe.

Oil Rinse Natural Hair

Oil Rinse: What Is It & Why You Need To Do It

An oil rinse has been compared to a hot oil treatment done in the shower between shampooing and conditioning. This is something that I do year round. It has changed the way I moisturize my hair.

Wake Up to Beautiful Natural Hair

I Woke Up Like This: 5 Tips For Flawless Natural Hair

I mean everyone can’t be Beyonce. We know she woke up like this…  But from time to time you wake up to hair that’s just, well, less than flawless. This could be because your hair needs a little extra prepping for success the night before.  Use these tips for flawless natural hair in the morning and wake up […]

Retain Length Without Protective Styles

10 Ways To Grow Long Hair Without Protective Styles

By now I am sure you have heard a thousand times over about the benefits of protective styling. Sometimes you just want your hair to be free! Yes protective styles are definitely effective, but you can retain hair length with a low manipulation regimen too. I am a big fan of styles with tons of […]

Tia Mowry Son's Hair Critics: You Need To Cut His Hair

You need to cut his hair…

Tia Mowry-Hardict had to shut some people down when her 3 y.o son’s hairstyle, two buns was under attack. Some of her Instagram followers left comments asking her to cut his hair, and saying that long hair and top knots aren’t fit for a little boy to wear.

How do or would you respond to other insisting that you cut your son’s hair?