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Growing Natural Hair FAST: 5 Myths That You Should NOT Believe

Looking to grow your natural hair a bit faster? Check out these myths! Some of them may really shock you.

Best Twist Out Ever Pic

Humectants and Humidity: A Bad Combo

In humid summer weather humectants can end up making your hair feel saturated and sticky if you overly apply. Afro textured hair without a doubt is subject to the seasonal changes more so than any hair type. Which means the products that you use on your hair will react differently depending on the environmental conditions. Here […]


Protective Style: Crochet Braids 3 Ways!

Wanna keep the look of a fro or twist-out but also wanna protect your hair from the heat and humidity? Crochet braids give you the best of both worlds!


Shampoo Twice: 3 Reasons Why Shampooing Natural Hair Once Isn’t Enough

Curious as to why shampoo may not be as effective the first go round? Why not try a second wash?

The Big Chop

I Did The Big Chop, Now What?

Use these tips to guide you through the big chop phase. Make your switch back to natural hair a breeze!

Prepoo: What is it?

Pre-poo (Pre-Shampoo Treatment) Benefits: Utilize It In Your Regimen

The pre-poo benefits are never ending! We list some of our favorites.

Celebrity Stylist: Genyii Scott

Celebrity Hairstylist: Genyii Scott

This celebrity stylists shares her earlier beginnings and how inspired she is by the creativity of her job.