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4 Must See Prom Natural Hair Tutorials

Headed to prom? Or know someone who is? These tutorials will help style your beautiful natural hair in elegant styles that will ensure you are prom ready!

4 formal updos for prom or wedding

4 Formal Updos for Prom or Wedding

Tis the season for weddings, proms and other formal affairs! Stuck on what to do what to do with your hair? These easy tutorials should be able to help!

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Stylist’s Choice: Product for Your Hair’s Porosity

Struggling at finding products for your hair porosity type? We’ve got you covered by listing various shampoos, conditioners and treatments for low, normal and high porosity hair types.


4 Cocoon Curl Tutorials for Any Length

Cocooning is not really a new styling technique but it has recently resurfaced within the natural hair world. Cocoon curls give you the look of clean, finished ends when doing a wet set (like a twist-out) in lieu of perm rods. Here are four great tutorials for inspiration.

I Quit Because My Boss Asked Me to Straighten My Natural Hair

I Quit Because My Boss Asked Me to Straighten My Natural Hair

As a black woman with curly hair, I’ve faced pressure to go straight. But it’s who I am, and my Trinidadian parents backed me.


Hair braider Sues in Federal Court for Right to Teach & Wins

Overregulation of hair braiders lead to Isis Brantley’s arrest and her suing in federal court to teach this profession.

15 hair products worh the splurge

15 Hair Products Worth the Splurge

Got some extra money to spend? Good! These hair products may make your wallet groan, but they are the best natural hair products to purchase for when you’re wanting to splurge.